The cucumber brand linked to salmonella outbreak. The cucumber brand believed responsible for the salmonella outbreak.

Salmonella linked to Mexican cucumbers

Distributor has recalled product sold during the past month

Cucumbers grown in Mexico have been linked to one death and 284 other cases of salmonella in the U.S., said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) yesterday.

A San Diego distributor whose products were packed by Rancho Don Juanito in San Quintín, Baja California, is “the likely source of the infections in this outbreak,” the CDC said.

Andrew Williamson Fresh Produce voluntarily recalled all cucumbers sold under the “Limited Edition” brand between August 1 and Thursday. San Diego health officials identified salmonella Poona in cucumbers collected from the company’s facility.

The CDC said the salmonella infection has resulted in one death in California and the hospitalization of 53 people in 27 states since July 3.

Salmonella symptoms include fever, abdominal cramps and diarrhea; most people recover within a week.

Cucumbers grown in Sinaloa were blamed for a salmonella outbreak in 2013 when about 70 people were infected.

The U.S. imposed an import ban on cilantro July 27 after hundreds of cases of intestinal illnesses were linked to contaminated exports from Puebla.

Source: KTLA (en)

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