Satellite City in San Luis Potosí. Satellite City: 7,000 new homes by 2021

Satellite City project comes back to life

Stalled residential development revived in San Luis Potosí

An unfinished residential development project in the state capital of San Luis Potosí is set to be given new life with the building of 1,300 additional homes by the end of the year.


Construction of the Satellite City project first began 12 years ago with the ambitious goal of building 30,000 homes to help meet the capital’s growing demand for housing.

But only 4,000 were completed on the site, which is located next to the Colinas de San Luis Industrial Park.

Now the San Luis Potosí Housing Institute (Invies) has plans to reinvigorate the project and is aiming to build an additional 7,000 homes before the end of the administration of Governor Juan Manuel Carreras, whose term ends in 2021.

State business leaders have long declared that building more housing in San Luis Potosí is urgent in order to meet the housing needs of workers in the city’s growing industrial sector.

The state delegate of the National Workers’ Housing Fund (Infonavit), Alfredo Narváez Robles, said recently that there is a shortage of 10,000 homes in the city.


Narváez explained that Infonavit and Invies are currently working with developers and housing chambers with the intention of building 1,300 homes in the Satellite City complex before the end of 2018.

He added that the purpose of the new development was to enable workers on low salaries to purchase comfortable and affordable family housing.

The president of the National Chamber for Housing Development (Canadevi) said two developers have already committed to the project and construction of the 1,300 homes will start in the coming months.

Francisco de la Rosa Carpizo explained that an advantage of Satellite City is that it already has fully functioning water and electricity infrastructure as well as a school and shopping center.

He also said its proximity to the industrial park is a plus and ruled out any possibility that it would be difficult to sell the new homes, stating that there is a lot of interest in living in the area.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • DreadFool

    such well thought out people storage they should call it Uhaultopia

  • WestCoastHwy

    Can you say, “Mexican Ghettos?”

    • Garry Montgomery

      Looks laid out better than many outer city developments I’ve seen in Mexico

      • WestCoastHwy

        I personally was approach about this project but I don’t do Ghetto; you can’t read a book by it’s cover. Most, if not all services will not be working within two years because of the quality of material of which the residents will abandon their government assisted mortgages and the only Mexicans left will be the non-working poor.

        • Garry Montgomery

          Well, isn’t that sufficient reason for a reputable builder to get involved? Actually change the mentality? Or is the bidding process designed to go to the lowest bidder regardless of quality?