imss hospital They are more satisfied than they used to be.

Satisfaction with IMSS at ‘record high:’ survey

83% of users were satisfied with medical services provided

Satisfaction with medical services offered by the Social Security Institute, IMSS, has reached a “record high,” organization head Mikel Arriola Peñalosa announced yesterday.


Citing figures from its national satisfaction survey, Arriola said that 83% of users responded that they were satisfied with medical services provided by the health service.

The figure represents a 7% increase on 2012 numbers.

The percentage of members satisfied with treatment at highly specialized IMSS facilities was even higher at 93%.

An external company surveyed 100,000 people at 1,380 clinics and hospitals, Arriola said, using methodology designed by IMSS but approved by the National Public Health Institute.

Arriola also indicated that a medication fill rate of 99% had been achieved, exceeding the goal of 95% and that 10 million people in Mexico City and the state of México had been covered by a prescription subsidy program.

Another notable improvement was a considerable reduction in the time it takes for a hospital bed to be occupied again after it is vacated. A bed management initiative decreased the turnover time from 22 hours to fewer than eight while appointments with specialists are now confirmed within 30 minutes compared with up to a week previously.


Modest improvements were also recorded in other areas surveyed including cleanliness, emergency services, satisfaction with surgery and the number of unattended patients.

Despite the good news, the IMSS chief said the organization still needs to improve wait times —  specifically in emergency — increase cleanliness in its facilities and reduce the time it takes to complete administrative procedures.

Arriola said that more staff have been moved into cleanliness and hygiene roles and more will soon follow.

With respect to complaints lodged by the National Human Rights Commission, Arriola said that half were related to medical matters while pension and maternity allowance issues accounted for the other half. He indicated that they had all been dealt with in a timely manner.

He also reiterated that claims that IMSS was to be privatized are a myth, saying it’s “a huge lie” and that the latest survey results would only serve to help strengthen the institute as it is a tool to detect areas of opportunity.

“For IMSS, improving the treatment, quality and warmth of medical services is and will continue to be the priority in the coming years.”

Source: El Universal (sp)

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