BrewDog's border bar concept. BrewDog's border bar concept.

Scottish brewer plans border-straddling bar

'Make beer, not walls,' is slogan of BrewDog's The Bar on the Edge

They haven’t any permits yet but a Scottish brewery that has plans to build a bar that straddles the Mexico-United States border doesn’t appear too concerned.

And if stands in the way of U.S. President Donald Trump’s border wall, so be it. Says BrewDog co-owner James Watt, the bar will be constructed on the border until someone tells them to move it.

The precise location of The Bar on the Edge, as it will be called, remains a secret but the brewery said in its announcement this week that one-half will be in Chihuahua and the other half in Texas.

The border itself will be represented by a dotted line across the center of the bar and along the outdoor seating area. It will serve Mexican beer on the U.S. side and U.S. beer on the Mexican side.

BrewDog says the bar “will be nowhere near any regular footfall” but it hopes it will become “a magnetic pole” for fans of craft beer on both sides of the border.

“The Bar on the Edge will be set up in the furthest outskirts of the United States, reflecting our ambition to reach every corner of the country as we begin to brew our beers on U.S. soil. Beer has always been a unifying factor between cultures – and our business was born from collaboration and an inclusive approach – so we thought it would be fun to place the bar a few feet further to actually cross the U.S.-Mexico border too.

“We will request official permission from the local authorities to put it there and adhere to any red tape stuff, but I guess it would make it more difficult to build a wall if there’s a BrewDog bar in the way. We’re planning on putting the bar there anyway until someone tells us to move it.”

The building itself won’t be permanent. BrewDog says it will use old shipping containers to build its new facility, which it says will be officially defined as “a temporary mobile building.”

The 10-year-old beer maker says The Bar on the Edge reflects the brewery’s intention to expand to the “farthest reaches” of the U.S., “while its controversial positioning makes a physical statement about collaboration and inclusivity.”

BrewDog was launched by Watt and Martin Dickie in 2007, when the two of them brewed 1,050 hectoliters of beer. (A hectoliter is 100 liters, just shy of a U.S. barrel of beer, which contains 117 liters.)

By last year the company had grown to 750 employees, was brewing 214,000 hectoliters annually and had opened 46 bars.

Watt described the new bar, whose slogan is “Make beer, not walls,” as the company’s “line in the sand, quite literally.”

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