Poster being distributed in the search for Jenny Chen. Poster being distributed in the search for Jenny Chen.

Search continues for missing woman

Jenny Chen left Oaxaca for Cancún on April 11 but didn't show up

A private investigator has identified the route taken by a missing Chinese woman who was last seen in the city of Oaxaca 16 days ago.

Jenny Chen was on a backpacking trip in Mexico and had spent some time in Oaxaca before leaving April 11 for Cancún, where she was to meet up with her husband, U.S. citizen Jonathan Reinhard, on April 15. She never appeared.

Yesterday, Reinhard posted an update on a page advising that police are being asked to share video from surveillance cameras mounted on the road on which Chen left Oaxaca.

He described the news as a big development in the search for the 26-year-old woman, who had left her home in Seattle, Washington, on March 1.

Reinhard has hired a private investigator in the search for his wife.

But he worries that she has been picked up by a human trafficking ring. “The worst possible scenario is she’s been humanly trafficked and she’s out of the country already, by the cartels because she’s cute, and she’s young, and she can make money for wrongdoers,” he told KING 5 News.

“My heart is broken about this whole situation and I just want to see my beloved alive and well.”

He described Chen as “a fireball. Stubborn, adventurous, loved to try new things. She loved hiking. She loved being outdoors.”

Before leaving Oaxaca, Chen told a friend she was going to hitchhike to Cancún. Reinhard said he urged her not to and sent her money for bus fare, but doesn’t know if she took his advice.

Chen is 150 centimeters in height, has black hair and weighs about 50 kilograms and is believed to have been wearing black glasses, jeans, a loose shirt, a floppy hat and a backpack when she disappeared.

Anyone having information about Chen can post it to a Facebook page set up help find her.

Source: KING 5 News (en), Seattle Globalist (en)

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