Rescue workers at the Tlalpan apartment building. Rescue workers at the Tlalpan apartment building.

Search intensifies at apartment building

5-year-old girl, two others believed trapped between floors in Tlalpan

Two days after the earthquake collapsed a 10-unit apartment building in Tlalpan, Mexico City, rescue workers believed this morning they were close to finding three people trapped in the debris.

Efforts were intensified after it became evident that a five-year-old girl, a woman and perhaps one more person were trapped between floors in the wreckage of the Unidad Multifamiliar Tlalpan.

At 10:00am rescue brigades issued a plea for hammer drills to aid the rescue work.

Bodies have also been located in the wreckage of the 60-year-old building where as of yesterday there were reports that 25-30 people who were probably inside when it fell have not been seen.

Five people were rescued yesterday but three of them — an elderly woman, an 11-year-old boy and a six-year-old girl — died soon after of the injuries they had suffered.

Rescue work has been ongoing at the site for two days now. Within 30 minutes of Tuesday’s earthquake, neighbors had organized themselves in a search for survivors.

Numbers swelled soon after as they were joined by police, firefighters, public safety personnel and soldiers and marines.

By yesterday morning more than 1,000 people had joined the rescue effort.

Heavy machinery was brought in later to begin demolition but that work was halted after there were signs of life from inside the rubble.

Source: Excélsior (sp), Animal Politíco (sp)

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