Tiger on the loose in Guerrero Tiger on the loose in Guerrero. paraíso de los manglares

Search still on for escaped Bengal tiger

Ankor has been eating dogs and calves since escaping October 26 from an ecopark

The hunt continues for a Bengal tiger that escaped more than three weeks ago from an ecological park and resort near Acapulco.

The 300-kilogram animal, named Ankor, escaped October 26 from Paraíso de los Manglares, situated on the Coyuca lagoon.

The tiger has been feeding on calves and dogs, said Melquiades Olmedo Montes of the Guerrero Civil Protection office, but no humans have been attacked.

Indeed, few humans seem to have seen the animal apart from a fisherman, who said it walked past him without incident.

Regardless, people are being advised to stay clear of the tiger, which has been the object of a search by officials from the federal and state environmental agencies, Civil Protection and the municipality of Coyuca de Benítez, as well as veterinarians and representatives of Paraíso de los Manglares.

Olmedo Montes told Notimex this week that the rescue operation is being redesigned in coordination with all three levels of government after unsuccessful efforts to date.

Those have included setting traps using live animals such as goats and leaving meat in various locations but the traps haven’t worked and the meat has been eaten by other predators.

Tracks were found Monday morning at kilometer 10.5 of the Barra de Coyuca highway near Los Mogotes, along with the body of a small dog the tiger had killed and another that had been injured.

Officials are hoping to capture the tiger alive. “If the situation gets out of control and puts human life at risk it will be necessary to give orders to kill it, but we are doing everything possible to recapture the animal,” Zenon Alvarado Serano, of the federal environmental agency Profepa, told Agence France Presse November 7.

Source: SIPSE (sp), El Universal (sp), AFP (en)

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