De la Madrid: legalize pot in tourist destinations? De la Madrid suggests legalizing pot in Baja, Quintana Roo.

Secretary: legalize pot, combat insecurity

Tourism chief de la Madrid proposes legalization in tourist destinations

Legalizing marijuana might help combat insecurity in two high-crime tourist destinations, the tourism secretary suggested today.

Enrique de la Madrid said tourism is a key industry for Mexico and can’t afford to lose business due to drug-trafficking violence.

“We should legalize the use of marijuana in tourist destinations at least,” he said during a tourism conference today in Mexico City, suggesting he would like to see it done in Baja California Sur and Quintana Roo, where increased violence has triggered serious concerns about the threat it poses to the tourism industry.

Legalizing pot in those destinations would help combat the violence, whereas carrying on with the drug war will damage tourism, he said.

“I am convinced we should discuss this as part of the solution to combat violence and security in Mexico,” de la Madrid said.

His suggestion included legalizing the production and sale of pot as well in those areas.

He emphasized that his opinion on the subject was his own, based on analysis and study “over many years.”

De la Madrid cited the United States as good example of success in legalizing marijuana. He specifically mentioned California, saying the state has legalized medical and recreational marijuana use, helping boost its economy.

Mexico legalized the use of medical marijuana last year.

Source: Mileno (sp)

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