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Section 22 teachers threaten to protest

Oaxaca union continues its resistance to education reform

Marching teachers have been absent from Oaxaca news recently, but that might change later today.

Section 22 of the CNTE teachers’ union has given federal and state authorities until 1:00pm to respond to a call for negotiations on education reform, canceling the reorganization of Oaxaca’s education agency, automatic positions for new teachers and other demands.

Rejecting a suggestion there be a dialogue, union leader Rubén Núñez insisted there be a public and open negotiating table without conditions. If not, the union will occupy shopping centers, department stores, radio stations and highways to press its demands.

The protests will take place in Oaxaca city and Mexico City, Núñez said this morning.

He explained that the union is carrying on its resistance but is also reorganizing itself through information campaigns with parents, other unions and union locals and an internationalization of the movement.

Much of the CNTE’s power in Oaxaca was removed when the state government began reorganizing IEPPO, the agency responsible for delivering education, in July. The union no longer enjoys the administrative and financial control it had held for more than two decades.

Oaxaca Gov. Gabino Cué said in an interview this morning that his government is prepared to maintain a dialogue with Section 22, but reiterated that such a position doesn’t mean there can be negotiation over education reform.

“At this time we are not considering negotiating anything because the law is not negotiable.”

He said security plans have been drawn up with the Federal Police to ensure the safety of anyone who chooses to protest and that of the public at large.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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