New security undersecretary BCS New security undersecretary confident that crime will be reduced.

Security chief predicts drop in violent crime

New undersecretary says crime rates should decline in a matter of days in Baja

Joint operations carried out by state security forces and the Mexican military in Baja California Sur will see violent crime rates drop within days, according to the state’s new undersecretary of public security.


In an interview with the newspaper El Universal, Armando Nava Sánchez, who is also a captain in the Navy, said that the planning and execution of operations to fight crime are based on intelligence work and their frequency has increased.

Nava Sánchez, who was appointed on October 18, recognized that an upsurge in crime is due to a “fight between opposing cartels” although he didn’t specifically refer to any criminal groups by name.

Pressed by El Universal, he claimed that the state Attorney General’s office had not identified the feuding cartels by name although a turf war between the Sinaloa Cartel and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) is widely believed to be the main cause behind the soaring murder rate.

There were 451 homicides recorded in the first nine months of 2017, according to official statistics, representing a 358% increase over 2014. At least 90 more murders occurred in October, according to reports in local newspapers.

The upsurge in violence has been blamed for thousands of hotel cancellations in popular tourist destinations including Los Cabos.

Some observers claim that the increase is linked to the extradition of former Sinaloa Cartel boss Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán to the United States in January.


Nava Sánchez agreed, saying that the prevalence of high-impact crimes had increased since the former capo left the country.

The undersecretary said the state government’s main aim was to reduce the high rates of violent crime and that it was “working intensely” to achieve it. Joint operations with the armed forces were occurring 24 hours a day, he said.

He was optimistic that the efforts were paying off and predicted that there would be a reduction in crime rates in the coming days that will mean people “can walk freely on the streets . . .and that tourists visiting us can enjoy this great destination.”

Nava Sánchez also said that the state government has taken measures to protect the security of journalists working in Baja California Sur. A 73-year-old crime reporter, Maximino Rodríguez, was killed in the state capital La Paz in April.

The undersecretary also lamented the loss of innocent lives. An infant died last week after being caught in the crossfire in an incident at a restaurant. Nava Sánchez stressed that state security forces took the utmost care to avoid collateral damage.

He also warned people to avoid entering zones that have been identified as dangerous and where most of the homicides have occurred, emphasizing that crime had not affected tourist zones.

A review of the state’s police forces that is intended to eliminate corruption has already begun, Nava Sánchez said, while security has also been beefed up at transportation infrastructure including the La Paz airport and Pichilingue port.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • mexbungalows

    General Security Proclamation Number (What?) 1,142 ?
    A Hydra can grow heads faster than they can be severed. United States Dollars are one hell of a fertilizer.

    • Gustavo Barajas-Munoz

      Not anymore the Yuan will replace the dollar in Latin America. Most Latin Americans today do not want a connection with the U.S. dollar or the society that the United States represents. Mexicans have been treated bad by the United States and Mexicans are looking for other markets in the world. Hollywood, Seattle, New York, Miami, Washington D.C. do not impress Mexicans anymore there is nothing to envy the United States

  • David Nichols

    Yes, US dollars find a welcome home in the top to bottom corruption and lawlessness that exists in modern day Mexico…Sadly, this endemic corruption is cultural and has existed since the pre-Hispanic period, no “billetes verdes” existed for centuries, but corruption and no respect for human life certainly did…

    • Gustavo Barajas-Munoz

      Corruption is everywhere in the world, and to blame Mexico just for corruption is insane. I can guarantee you that there are more countries that are more corrupt than Mexico. India, China, Russia, South East Asia, the continent of Africa, Saudi Arabia to name a few have more corruption than Mexico! And now the United States is affected by corruption thanks to the Obama administration I see that corruption in the USA is in the beginning stage!

      • David Nichols

        So your feeble argument is: “there are worse crooks in the world”…??
        We are discussing here the endemic corruption in Mexico and how it affects both Mexico and the USA…
        It’s a given there is corruption elsewhere, but it doesn’t affect the border between the USA and Mexico…
        pointing fingers at other countries is called deflection–and only reveals you have no actual answer to the problem…

        • Gustavo Barajas-Munoz

          Yes my feeble argument is that there are worse criminals than Mexicans! The USA has always believed that the biggest threat to USA society is Mexico, but not Islam or BLM! The word Mexican is considered to be a low class person with no morals or ethics that is what people think of the Mexicans! Other countries like South East Asia, Africa, Russia, China, and Arab countries want to be in the United States, but they want to use Mexico as an entry point to the USA that does affect US-Mexican relations as a whole because Mexico has to protect itself from the rest of the world trying to take advantage of Mexico being seen as an entry point to the USA. So Mexico believes in a good border security in the ideal world there should be no wall dividing us. But, other countries can careless of the wall that will affect Mexico and the USA. In the long run Arabs, Chinese, South East Asians, Africans, Russians, South American, Central Americans have hurt Mexico’s relation with the United States because of illegal crossing that are done by these immigrants that are not even Mexican. I do not blame the USA government for putting a wall and that comes from me a Mexican! The wall is being erected because the rest of the world have no regards for what North America is and other non-Mexican immigrants can careless for Mexico’s relations with the United States. The world is global and Mexico must stop Muslims and other poor countries that have more crime and corruption from entering Mexico in the first place the non-Mexican immigrants do not have good intentions in North America! The statistics have always wanted to show Mexico as the worst country in the world. Why? For USA politicians to say in power, but the reality is that South America, Central America are places where anti-US sentiment is rampant you do not get that with Mexico despite what Trump has said of Mexico.

        • Gustavo Barajas-Munoz

          More corrupt countries than Mexico. Mexico’s relationship with Latin American has hurt Mexico in the long run. Latin America brought drug cartels, and corruption to Mexico! We Mexicans have a right to declare to the world that we are not Latinos, our culture is not drug cartels, and we have a right and a moral obligation to tell the world that if people want to blame Mexico for corruption and drug cartels we have an obligation to show that other countries are not so shabby. People will always use Mexico as a scapegoat for their problems (here are some videos on why Latin America is not good for Mexico:

  • kallen

    They’ll say anything to stop hemorrhaging hotel cancellations.

    • Gustavo Barajas-Munoz

      There are more Anglos Moving to Mexico than Mexicans coming into the United States. In fact, most Anglos call Mexico home for good! More Europeans are visiting Mexico, and more Russians are visiting Mexico as well. Americans have a wrong impression that Mexicans will always depend on the United State for everything! Times are changing the USA is not what it used to be, and in a couple of years the USA will be a poor country, and corruption will be part of the countrys culture which is already taking place.