Pit bull is the breed that fights annually in Aguacalientes. Pit bull is the breed that fights annually in Aguacalientes.

Senate approves bill to ban dog fighting

The law also stipulates some basic principles around caring for dogs

The Mexican Senate has passed a dog-fighting bill that would prohibit the organization and staging of dog fighting events at the national level and assure all dogs are treated with dignity.


The latter part of the bill, which amends the General Law of Ecological Balance and Environmental Protection, stipulates basic principles regarding the care of dogs, such as the provision of adequate food and water and providing medical attention when needed.

Some states have restrictions on events such as dog fighting but some civil organizations see them as insufficient.

In Aguascalientes there is an annual international dog fighting event in the spring where as many as a dozen different fights are on the bill.

The dogs can be worth thousands of dollars, says Antón Aguilar, executive director of the Humane Society International in Mexico, and betting at such events can be high. The breed of choice at the event is the pit bull.

Aguilar hailed the passing of the law in the Senate. “It’s good news in terms of getting rid of this practice. Organizers usually brutally kill dogs that lose. And the animals that emerge as ‘winners’ often die because of hemorrhages, injuries or infections caused by the fight.


“These events also cause emotional damage and affect dogs’ mental states, because no animal is aggressive by nature.”

One of three Senators who voted against the bill said there were many other more important matters that the Senate should be discussing, such as dealing with the problems of migrants and Donald Trump’s presidential election win in the U.S.

Victor Hermosillo of the National Action Party said Mexico has more serious needs that ought to be discussed. “Soon they’ll be calling for a stop to killing lobsters because they’re boiled alive. Oh, the poor things!”

The new law will now go to the Chamber of Deputies for its analysis.

Source: Milenio (sp), El País (en)

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  • Herradura Plata

    Next? Bullfighting. Best I recall, two Mexican states have already outlawed it — Guerrero and another. In the USA, I believe bullfighting is still legal in parts of Texas, a state with amongst the highest rates of HUMAN execution, let alone captive animals.

    • Doug Stead

      Bullfighting is illegal in all 50 states, along with cockfighting and dogfighting as well as any form of cruelty to any animal! A true measure of a nation is its humanity to its animals. If it allows cruelty to its animals, then there’s not much hope for how it treats its people. Of course there are always individual instances and those are severely punished here in the U.S. Ask Michael Vick!

      • Herradura Plata

        Then why are there clips of Mexico City bullfights broadcast on Televisa? Bullfighting is only illegal in three states: Sonora, since 2013, Guerrero, 2014 and Coahuila, 2015. I refer you to the article by Raul Arce-Contreras “Coahuila Bans Bullfighting,” published by Humane Society International, on the most recent banning in that state.

        • Doug Stead

          50 states as in the US, not Mexico as you were referencing Texas. Mexico only has 31 states and one federal district. You said bullfighting still happens in Texas. Not legally it doesn’t and I doubt that it does illegally, unless those from Mexico who live there do so away from the eyes of the law.

    • Doug Stead

      Oh! And before you whine about the death penalty for murderers in the US (not all states) these are the worst of the worst and deserve their punishment! They knew the price before they carried out their crimes. They are worse than animals, something some people don’t want to understand until one of these predators takes someone close to them. Should it be abolished? Maybe, maybe not, that will be decided by the voters through a democratic process. The dogs, and the bulls and the cocks, don’t get a vote, so we have to vote for them.

  • Next is cockfighting or bullfighting. Do what ever you want just do not stop man fighting. Human Cruelty and animal cruelty are done by the humans themselves, anyway.

  • kallen

    As the saying goes, “You can tell a lot about a people by the way they treat animals”.

  • KaD

    As long as fighting BREED dogs proliferate dogs fights will follow, legal or not. The dog fighters are not the ones that pose a risk to public safety and
    other pets. It’s the losers who own “pet” pits in your neighborhood. Dog
    fighters know these dogs and understand their genetics. They don’t live
    in lala land like nutters. I don’t approve of dog fighting but nutters
    use this as smoke screen like this is the main issue with pits. It’s
    not. That loose attacking pit is not a dog fighters dog.

  • K. Chris C.

    The Universal Government axiom: All government actions and laws are exclusively for the purposes of stealing additional wealth and/or power (power being a means to steal more wealth in the future) from the people.

    Government Axiom #3: “Being nothing but a criminal syndicate, government always accomplishes the opposite of the stated goal, as the stated goal is always a lie.”

    So, the Mexican government is to outlaw an activity of the people that indirectly brings in millions of pesos to the various Mexican governments. That would indicate then that a means to replace that income, and then some, is included in this bill. That is, this bill is cover for additional corruption, and is a power–future money–grab from the Mexican people.

    What will happen is that only connected dogfight operators will be able, after the proper payments and campaign “support” have been made, to operate. Smaller, the less connected, or not as “forthcoming” operators will be pushed out of business and/or into prison. The result, as per Axiom #3, will be MORE dog fighting.

    The power grab is contained in this quote, “…stipulates basic principles regarding the care of dogs, such as the provision of adequate food and water and providing medical attention when needed.” That is, sometime soon the Mexican gun and badge thugs will begin mulcting the populace with “lack of proper dog care” tickets and fines. Much like how Chicago once tried to fine $500 me for my “protection” when my cat accidentally bit me.

    Not that I support dog fighting, or not properly caring for one’s pets, but when I see a “spade,” I call it a “spade.”

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • Happygirl

    Humans are strange – we are the only animal (that I know of) that raises other animals to fight (often to their death) for pleasure and profit. We even look up to and praise people who fight one and another…the more blood the better. There is something in our genetic code that finds cruelty acceptable…that finds war, family violence, wife abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, all the above and more, acceptable. We say we don’t, we give lip service to our vices but are unwilling to back it up. We take our role as super predators seriously. We are a sadistic bunch.