The four suspects in Saturday's killing of two police officers. The four suspects in Saturday's killing of two police officers.

Senior officers among 20 killed in Veracruz

The dead include four children, victims of organized crime 'brutality'

It was an ugly day Saturday in Veracruz where 20 people were victims of assassination, including the head of the Federal Police in the state.


Juan Camilo Castagné and another senior officer were killed Saturday evening while eating in a restaurant in Cardel, La Antigua, shot down by four men who had taken a table near that of the police officers, according to surveillance video.

Governor Miguel Ángel Yunes yesterday announced a reward of 1 million pesos (US $56,000) for information regarding the four suspects.

He said Saturday was a sad day for the state, attributing the 20 murders to organized crime, whose “brutality and vileness” went to the extreme in the killing of a family of six in Coatzacoalcos. Four of the victims were children.

The attack gives an indication of “the dimension of what we’re up against, of the brutality, of the savagery of this group of individuals who want to control Veracruz,” the governor said.

A million-peso reward has been offered for information about that case as well, and a special prosecutor has been named to head the investigation.


Saturday’s murders took place throughout the state: three in Minatitlán, one in Las Choapas, two in Cosoleacaque, one each in Oluta and Pánuco and two in Orizaba.

Named to head the Veracruz office of the Federal Police in July 2015, Castagné was tough on pipeline thieves and organized crime “plaza chiefs,” state officials told the newspaper e-consulta following his death.

His final act was participating in the capture of 11 presumed kidnappers in Poza Rica. One day after that was announced, Castagné appeared at a press conference with the governor, who announced plans to go after a criminal gang that had issued a death threat against state Public Security Secretary Jaime Téllez Marié.

Source: e-consulta (sp), El Universal (sp)

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  • WestCoastHwy

    Mexican’s should be proud!:
    Corrupted Politicians, Rouge Criminals, Pipeline Thieves, Plaza Chiefs, Corrupted Police, Kidnappers, Non-Working Justice System, Prison System Controlled by Criminals, Black Markets, System of Bribes, Large Population of Dirt Poor, Broken Education System, A Blatant Lack of General Maintenance……etc. What else could be wrong?
    Oh Yes, a lack of Craft Beer Distribution!

    • Charliej

      We are lucky. We don’t have Trump down here. You poor bastards in the US have to live with the orange bastard until he is impeached.

      • Peter Maiz

        Yea, the US is controlled by a pathological narcissist.

        • Celinda Reynolds

          OMG what shall do? lol Dont worry be happy, when you smile the whole world smiles with you & take time to smell the roses and if there isnt any plant your own.

    • Vernon King

      We have no such major problems where we live in Mexico. Oh yea we have a choice of at least 30 different microbrew where we live. We even have a brewery in Town. Am drinking a Minerva Imperial Stout as I write this. You need to travel more in Mexico. Its not safe in many part of the US and that doesn’t mean the whole US is dangerous. Just asking you to be a little bit more positive please. Not denying the problems but where we live is very civilized.

      • WestCoastHwy

        Mexico is Mexico just like a barrel of apples are a barrel of apples, if you like your area of Mexico and don’t mind the bad areas, then just eat the good parts of the apple but don’t call it a good apple. And by the way, Traveling in Mexico these days is considered very dangerous, so I wouldn’t suggest to people to do dangerous things.

        • Celinda Reynolds

          really so your saying its not a good idea to go to Todos Santos?

          • Clarke

            its always a good time to go to Todo Santos……try the new farm to table restaurant on the hill it is fantastic!!!!

      • WestCoastHwy

        Guadalajara I assume which I would place you in Lake Chapala. I was just there last month in the southeastern corner consulting with an Avocado grower and I did not like the Mexican IPA I drank from there, definitely not from the hops of the Great Northwest. Not to say Mexico don’t have good micro-brews, it’s just that I have many clients that just can’t distribute because of the bad part of the Apple!

        • Peter Maiz

          Good tequila, though.

        • Vernon King

          Minerva IPA

  • tito

    Not in my back yard! Is that it? We had two unarmed drug dealers gunned down in the street by soldiers recently. The kids would run and hide and the soldiers finally stopped it. I need to choose between the corrupt judicial system working under the cartel or extra judicial killings to get it off the streets?¿?

  • Peter Maiz

    The Gulf Cartel.

  • mikegre

    Failed state.