Seniors wait in line for their support payments in Monterrey. Seniors wait in line for their money in Monterrey.

Seniors wait for hours for support payments

One of those waiting outside in the cold was aged 99

An administrative foul-up meant that senior citizens in the capital city of Nuevo León had to wait up to nine hours in line to receive their bimonthly support payments, and still some went home empty-handed.


The beneficiaries of the 65 y Más (65 and over) program had been expecting their pension payment since last week. Normally the 1,150-peso sum (US $60) is paid via direct bank deposit.

But problems at the Nuevo León office of the federal Secretariat of Social Development (Sedesol) meant that expired debit cards had not been renewed, forcing recipients to wait in line for their money.

Yesterday, people began lining up at 5:00am, four hours before the office opened. When clerks arrived, those in line were given a number. But only 240 people were able to receive their stipend, and many others were told to come back another day.

The story has been repeating itself since last week, and the only explanation given by the clerks was that “there is no money.”

Arturo Enriquez Puentes, 70, had already lined up on Friday. Yesterday, he left again without any money.


“I think they’re playing us for fools, or they don’t want to pay us,” he told the newspaper Reforma.

Ninety-nine-year-old Gregoria Campos Treviño arrived in line an hour after Enriquez. She can barely walk on her own and declined to speak because she was covering her mouth with a scarf  due to the cold weather.

For Concepción Briones Olivo, 76, yesterday was the fourth day she had turned up looking for her money, and each time she had to pay a taxi 95 pesos (almost US $5) each way.

“What [money] will I have left? It’s been four days, and no pension,” she lamented.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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  • BB

    This is so sad. It’s tough enough having to live on $30/wk, but missing out on that $30 has to be the worst that can happen.

    • Beau

      It is very sad. But it is also self-inflicted as long as they keep voting for the same party of thugs.

  • mexbungalows

    No different than the electronic benefits transfer cards that were issued in Oaxaca that had the balance stolen before the cards were distributed. Vetting by polygraph and european administrators on marine bases is the only answer. Delay announcement of test results for a week then make the announcement via the media.——- should have that in the USA and Canada as well.

  • Güerito

    Hundreds of thousands of ex-Braceros migrants and their family members have been waiting for over 50 years for the money owed to them. US dollars stolen by the Mexican government after sent by US employers down to Mexico 1945-1965 as part of the Bracero program.

    They’re still waiting. The Mexican govenrment is just waiting until they all die off and lose interest.

    This is normal in Mexico.