The kindergarten where the abuse is alleged to have occurred. The kindergarten where the abuse is alleged to have occurred.

Sexual assault alleged in Jalisco kindergarten

Parents charge that English teacher abused 11 children

Parents of children enrolled in a Chapala, Jalisco, kindergarten have accused one of its staff of sexual abuse against 11 children.

Three formal complaints filed with state authorities said children at a school in San Nicolás de Ibarra were abused by their English teacher with the full knowledge of the school’s principal.

The teacher, identified as 29-year-old Ana Guadalupe P., was arrested this morning in Chapala, the state Attorney General said.

One mother noted unusual behavior by her four-year-old daughter, who put her hands on the wall and began dancing. She then started to pull her pants and shirt off “because they were taught at school to do so.”

On another occasion the child asked her mother to bathe her after returning home from school “because her bum hurt.”

“She told me that [the teacher] had taken her to another classroom and began to touch her,” said the child’s mother. The child then said that her teacher inserted a pencil into her vagina, “causing her to bleed.”

While at school the children were evidently dressed up in animal costumes before being instructed by their English teacher, identified only as Susana, to “behave like the bitches they were.”

Another mother’s account was similar: her daughter told her that “the English teacher pulls our pants down and makes us dance.” The child hadn’t told her mother about what was happening at school “because she felt ashamed.”

The complaint also includes the results of gynecological studies performed on the young children, which confirmed they had been assaulted.

A boy attending the same school said the teacher took pictures of them without clothes on, using a tablet. Parents believe the images were distributed on a pedophile network created by United States citizens that allegedly operates in the municipalities of Chapala and Jocotepec, some newspapers reported.

The parents claim that Chapala Mayor Javier Degollado González has threatened them in an attempted cover-up.

The mayor’s office denied the charge.

Source: Milenio (sp), El Informador (sp)

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