The janitor and the aquatic creature in The Shape of Water. The janitor and the aquatic creature in The Shape of Water.

Shape of Water up for seven Golden Globes

An Academy Award might not be far behind for Mexican director Guillermo del Toro

A favorite of fans and critics alike, Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro is gearing up for the award season after being nominated for seven Golden Globes for his dark fantasy drama The Shape of Water.

Described as a “creature feature and a melodrama” by Business Insider, The Shape of Water tells the story of a mute woman employed as a cleaning lady at a top-secret United States government lab in 1962.

When she stumbles upon one of the lab’s most classified secrets, a scaly creature that lives in a giant water tank, she befriends it. In time, a relationship develops between the woman and the creature.

Del Toro’s 10th feature film is shaping up to be a top contender during the award season. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association yesterday named its nominees for the 75th Golden Globe Awards, giving The Shape of Water seven, the most for a single film among the 2018 nominees.

Del Toro himself was nominated Best Director, while the film received a nomination for Best Picture — Drama.

It also earned nominations for  Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenplay and Best Original Score.

The Shape of Water was named best film at the Venice International Film Festival in September.

Business Insider’s Jason Guerrasio wrote yesterday the film is now a frontrunner in the race to the Academy Awards. He also said some directors have a special talent for building worlds all their own, without any source material. Del Toro, he said, “is one of the best doing it right now.”

The full list of Golden Globes nominees can be seen on the award show’s official page. The awards will be broadcast in Mexico on cable television on January 7 at 7:00 pm.

Source: Business Insider (en), Polygon (en)

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