Nine-year-old Yuawi, indigenous sensation. Nine-year-old Yuawi, indigenous sensation.

Singer, 9, scores hit with political anthem

Yuawi is a member of the indigenous Wixárika, or Huichol, of Jalisco

A political anthem sung by a nine-year-old boy has become a viral hit and catapulted the youngster to fame, but not everyone is happy about the appearance of a child in political advertising.

Called Movimiento Naranja, or Orange Movement, the song is a promotional recording for the Citizens’ Movement party, which is also known by the same name as the song because it uses the color in its logo and political branding.

The budding star is Yuawi López, a talented Huichol or Wixárika singer from the highlands of Jalisco who appears in the song’s promotional video in traditional dress.

López also performs in the group Venado Azul (Blue Deer) with his father, José López Robles.

Since it was first released three weeks ago, the song has racked up more than 11 million views on YouTube. It is also available for streaming on Spotify and remix versions of the song can be heard at parties and in night clubs across Mexico.

The Citizen’s Movement party, which will contest the July 1 presidential election as part of a coalition led by the National Action Party (PAN), first launched a version of the song in May 2017.

However, it didn’t garner nearly as much attention as the latest one, which has also spawned several parodies and memes. Little Yuawi is so popular that he has even inspired a piñata version of himself.

To capitalize on his newfound fame, López announced that he would record and release an album with Venado Azul. The band plays traditional Wixárika music and has performed at music festivals around the country.

In an interview with the newspaper Milenio, López said that he was “happy as always but more excited” because he and the song have become so well known.

However, not everyone is as pleased with the release as López and his legions of fans.

The director of the Children’s Rights Network, Juan Pérez Martín García, described López’s appearance in the promotional video as “detestable” and said his needs as an indigenous child had not been considered.

The Morena Party, led by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, complained to the National Electoral Institute (INE) about the song and requested that it be removed from the airwaves. The party said the song and video “could compromise the higher interest of childhood.”

But the INE rejected the request, releasing a statement saying that Yuawi’s parents had consented to the use of his image across all media platforms.

The video appears below.

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