Ex-governor Reynoso. Ex-governor Reynoso.

Six-year sentence for embezzlement

But former Aguascalientes governor won't go to jail

A former governor of Aguascalientes has been sentenced to six years in jail for embezzlement and misuse of power but he won’t serve any time.


However, Luis Armando Reynoso Femat will be required to reimburse the public treasury by forfeiting bail of 12 million pesos.

The case was based on Reynoso’s instructions in 2008 that funds be provided to the state’s health institute for the purchase of a 13.8-million-peso scanner. But the scanner never materialized.

Its purchase from a company called Logística y Asesoría Comercial SA de CV was a simulation intended to divert the funds to a purpose other than what had been intended, according to the case against Reynoso.

He won’t serve jail time because he had obtained a court ruling providing him with protection from incarceration, known as an amparo. But he will have to forfeit his bail.

At least three other civil servants have also been linked to the crime. The former state treasurer, now a fugitive, is among them, as well as the former chief of the health institute, who spent four months in prison before being released on bail, and who died last year.

A less senior official was jailed in 2012 and was released in the middle of last year.

The former governor, a member of the National Action Party who held office from 2004 until 2010, will be required to pay restitution amounting to the difference between the bail amount and the value of the scanner.

Source: La Jornada (sp)

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  • softunderbelly

    Well, well, well…A fifty thousand dollar bribe gets you a stay out jail card.

  • K. Chris C.

    Really funny if one pictures the average citizen trying this. “I’ll payback what I stole–no blood no foul. You’ll sentence me to a few token years of incarceration, Then, instead of actually going to prison, you’ll permit me to remain free to practice my trade of plunder-adjudicator–politics. I sure hope that this little thing doesn’t affect my family’s invite to your Christmas party.”

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • GOPerson

    ‘History of mental illness’ seems to be said a lot of people doing heinous crimes. They are not ill enough to hospitalize but are too ill to be walking among us. I really don’t have an answer for this problem.

  • GOPerson

    Replied on on wrong story.
    Reply to this story on thieves. If you do not punish people then this is what you get.

  • Henry Wilson

    “sentenced to 6 years prison but won’t do any time.” that pretty much says all that need be said about the criminal justice system of mexico.