A suspect in the Garrido case. A suspect in the Garrido case.

Sketch released of abduction suspect

Search continues for missing Spanish woman in Tamaulipas

The Tamaulipas state prosecutor has released a composite sketch of one of the suspects in the case of a Spanish woman’s disappearance July 2.


The drawing depicts a young man aged 15 or 16 with dark skin, black hair and a wide nose.

The sketch was based on a description provided by Jorge Fernández, husband of 34-year-old Pilar Garrido, who was initially presumed to have been kidnapped between Soto la Marina and Ciudad Victoria.

The woman is now described as an “unlocated person” due to the fact that no ransom has been demanded.

Fernández told police that he, his wife and their infant son were returning to Ciudad Victoria after a weekend on the beach when they were stopped by three armed men. They initially demanded the vehicle but changed their plan and abducted Garrido instead, leaving her husband, the baby and the car.

Unusual behavior on Fernández’ part after the abduction — he didn’t report the incident until the following day — has raised questions about what actually took place.

Authorities have conducted seven search operations in at least 13 municipalities in Tamaulipas in their attempts to locate Garrido, but without success.

The woman is originally from Spain but has lived in Mexico for three years.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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