José Ricardo Gallardo Cardona Gallardo, left, with a restricted firearm in a controversial photo taken a few years ago.

SLP mayor will be tried for corruption

Gallardo was planning to run for state governor until his arrest January 6

A federal judge has decided there is enough evidence to go to trial in the case of a San Luis Potosí mayor who had his sights set on running for state governor until his arrest January 6.

José Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, 34, is charged with being involved in organized crime and the use of unlawfully obtained funds after 200 million pesos appeared to have been diverted from the municipal treasury of Soledad de Graciano Sánchez.

Tomás Zerón of the federal attorney general’s Criminal Investigation Agency said unusual money transfers to firms connected to the mayor had led to an investigation. Among those firms were transport companies, meat processors and automotive businesses, including a gas station.

A member of the Democratic Revolutionary Party, Gallardo succeeded his father as mayor, winning election in 2012.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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