us border crossing Crossing illegally has become more expensive.

Smugglers up prices for crossing border

Entering US through the mountains has gone up 130% since November

Migrants heading north to the United States not only have tougher immigration policies waiting for them north of the border, they have to pay a whole lot more to cross it.


The tariffs charged by smugglers, known as coyotes or polleros, to get migrants across the border through the mountains have increased close to 130%, reports the newspaper Reforma. Last November the fee was of US $3,500 but by January smugglers were charging up to $8,000, under the argument that new policies in the U.S. made the illegal crossing riskier.

Those who plan to enter the U.S. through border crossings — using documents of individuals with whom they have a close physical resemblance — are being charged more than $12,000.

Along with the increased costs migrants must face the risk of being kidnapped and tortured.

One of those who has seen it all is Efrén Guevara Galindo, who arrived in the U.S. as an eight-month-old baby, He has since been deported four times.

The last time for the 50-year-old construction worker was last December when he was deported from Dallas, Texas, to Acuña, Coahuila.

While trying to return to the U.S. from Ojinaga, Chihuahua, Guevara was kidnapped with other migrants by a criminal group identified as La Línea.


He and three others got off a bus and walked a few blocks before they were nabbed and spirited away in trucks to a nearby ranch.

“. . . we could hear people in other rooms, from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala. I could hear them talking because every 10 or 15 minutes [the criminals] took one of them out and made them call their families.”

Guevara said their kidnappers demanded $20,000 to let the Central American migrants go, and $10,000 for the Mexicans.

Guevara said he was assaulted trying to defend a 70-year-old man from the criminals, kicked several times and injured with a knife. After another beating he was left behind for dead in a remote location.

He is now recovering in a migrants’ shelter in Tijuana, Baja California, where he has decided not to cross the border again. He was torn by the decision because his wife, six children and 15 grandchildren remain in the U.S.

Guevara used to make $25 an hour but is now destitute and unemployed, “alone and with no possibilities of seeing my grandkids grow up.”

 Source: Reforma (sp)

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  • Jumex

    “wife, six children and 15 grandchildren remain in the U.S”

    Probably living off of US tax payers.

    • owl905

      What a vulgar comment.

      • softunderbelly

        But, no doubt true.

        • owl905

          No, you have no evidence to back that up. It’s a stupid vulgar comment. You invented it so you could take your xenophobic, misanthropic, bigotry for a stroll.

          • softunderbelly

            Recently, within the past few days, it was reported by the GAO that approximately 83% of ILLEGAL aliens are on federal aid. And, in addition, as many as 49% of LEGAL aliens are supported by federal aid. This was supported by what Trump spoke to last night in the speech to Congress last night. If you have anything to refute this, please do. Otherwise, you are just yapping like a small chihuahua (or a liberal).
            The idea that an argument can be made by negative remarks such as yours is an indication of the paucity of your argument. If you have a well thought reasoned response, we’d be happy to hear it. Otherwise, SHADDUP!

          • owl905

            You failed to provide any evidence whatsoever that the family in question was on the dole. You remain an ignorant bigot.
            And your quote has no source. It deserves nothing more than the usual Bigot BS tag until you back up your stupid claim with a credible source (GAO goes here).
            Here, I’ll even help you get started:
            You’re the one that needs to zip the lip until you have something better than your garbage lies to contribute.

          • softunderbelly
          • June Smith

            PEW studies reported that every illegal alien household in the US receives at least one form of taxpayer funded benefit or service – to which they are not entitled.

            The best way to rid the country of these parasites is to cut them off at the sources if their incentive to stay by requiring all applications for taxpayer funded benefits and services be processed through E-Verify.

          • owl905

            No such studies have been done.

          • June Smith

            You are aware that terms like Xenophobic, misanthropic and bigotry carry about as much weight as “silly little snowflake.” Please try to keep up

          • owl905

            They apply to you, and they’ll continue to show up. Sure hope you like yellow snow.

          • softunderbelly

            I cite a legitimate source to prove my point and you slink
            off into the woodwork. You are either lazy, stupid or a liar.
            YAP! YAP! YAP!

          • owl905

            No you didn’t. You lied when you claimed something from the GAO.
            Strike 1.
            Show the GAO source for your fiction:

          • softunderbelly

            I made an error in citing the GAO (oops). It was actually the CIS site. But that’s ok, as it wouldn’t have made a difference to you. Bye.

          • owl905

            No, you lied twice. First you referenced a GAO quote that didn’t exist. And then you claimed you quoted facts when there are no such facts.
            You’re an insult to evolution.

          • softunderbelly

            Thank you.

      • June Smith

        How many are you sponsoring?

        • owl905

          Another vulgar comment. Your tone and trolling is very consistent … and very stupid.

    • June Smith

      Probably? More a certainty

  • rainycoastguy

    So let him go and support them.

  • miabeach

    When does someone feel sorry for the desitute american? Every get you in the United States looks no better than 2007. They all look worse and more crowded. Obama the European forgot about Americans and did everything for criminal illegal aliens from Mexico.

    • owl905

      What a dumb comment.

  • mariache

    Fix your own country and stay there! You are invading a sovereign country! Mexicans, Central Americans and all the rest of crossing the border illegally. GO HOME as you were never invited in the first place!

    • owl905

      Good plan. Yell at it. That’ll help. /sarcasm off.

  • owl905

    Trump’s new bully-tough approach is having the expected effect. It ups the ante, makes the refugees more vulnerable to exploitation, splits up families … and has no impact on the size and nature of the problem.
    Just wait until The Wall goes up … and does even less.

    • June Smith

      If enough of them die in the desert, the message will get out that it’s not a good idea to try to come to the US … and maybe Mexico would be a better place to “start a new and better life.”

      • owl905

        What kind of absurd nonsense have you been ingesting? The ones risking the trek left their homes because of the deaths, poverty, and hopelessness. Your ‘let ’em die in the desert to teach ’em a lesson’ is misanthropic sewage.

        • June Smith

          They left their homes for money! Period!

          • owl905

            Yea, that redux to simple drivel is about your max ability.

          • June Smith

            You silly, silly little snowflake

          • owl905

            You’re still oh-fer.

  • Donnie W. Jennings

    I look forward to the day that all that need to be deported have been deported. I look forward to having a wall/fence and patrols that will prevent new illegals. Then I look forward to permitting law abiding Mexicans to legally immigrate to the US as workers are needed.

  • June Smith

    And when they are turned back at the US border – and directed to Mexican Border Patrol – how long before the Mexican government stops issuing those 3-day visas to get them through the country safely – and the to the US Border?

  • jdwfinger

    if I knew how, I would help all who wanted to make it to the USA, and do it for only expenses, having an open border is not the problem but the hatred of both political parties that only want to keep themselves in power, it is so bad that if the Gop said that Trump walks on water, the Dems will say he can not swim

  • cooncats

    Wow, lot of heat here and not much light, civility or factual discussion.

    I’d remind my fellow Americans that for at least the last 40-50 years, the U.S. border policy could aptly be described as “wink and nod” and no one called out U.S. businesses for their gross lawbreaking. It seems everyone was quite happy to have that cheap Mexican and Central American labor.

    It should surprise no one that a lot of folks came to take those policies for granted, particularly the crooked politicians here and their cronies among the few hundred rich families that were able to export their unemployed and underemployed rather than change the graft, monopolistic conditions and abuse of working people that has resulted in decades of anemic growth and little improvement for the masses here. Indeed the figures show the poverty rate today here is little unchanged from that of the mid nineties.

    However, now that there’s not enough work to go around north of the border, the robots are destroying jobs all around and so many jobs have been exported to China and SE Asia that America is ready to roll up the undocumented worker welcome mat.

    Very detailed discussion of American attitudes about immigration these days from Pew. I’ll apologize for putting (dot) in for the periods of the link but it seems this site won’t accept a lot of links and I’ve been unable to figure any other way to get around that.


    And I’d remind my Mexican neighbors that operating on the basis of “do as I say not what I do” is a dead end street as well. Myself and my fellow expats are required to apply to come here outside of Mexico and we have to show we are fully self sufficient in order to be allowed in. And we are not allowed to engage in political activity here including riots, defaming Mexican leaders or waving the U.S flag on your streets.

    IMHO this is exactly as it should be. In both countries.

    Mexico’s politicians have been braying quite loudly of late about their right to control their border lately while quite assiduously avoiding the obvious fact their neighbors are similarly entitled. They seem to feel that if they denounce the U.S. and its President loudly enough, no one will notice the double standard and it will continue.

    This attitude seems pretty pervasive if one believes polling that a majority here believes they should be able to enter the U.S. without following the laws there. While I recognize this sense of entitlement is probably the unforeseen result of the aforementioned “wink and nod” at the U.S. border unfortunately times change and at the end of the day a sovereign nation, be it Mexico or the U.S. has the right to determine who it invites in.

    And it has the duty to place its own citizens and legal residents first. As this nation does with its immigration policies. Frankly, the U.S. immigration policy has been more about rewarding greedy employers who want cheap pliable labor than it has been about putting the best interests of the broad American middle class first.

    Not surprisingly, the latter aren’t doing very well these days. Incomes are falling and the numbers of discouraged who have left the work force are near all time highs.

    Unfortunately one of those hard realities of the dreary science of economics is that labor is a commodity too. Create too much of a surplus and the value of it goes down. Which it has, endangering the bedrock on which the (up to now) the most successful nation on earth is built.

    One of the other unfortunate side effects of the current pissing contest between U.S. and Mexican bags of hot air, er “politicians” is that no one is paying attention to the real drag on the economies of both countries by the thoroughly mercantilist Chinese whose trade deficits are sucking the entire Mexican trade surplus with the U.S. out of this country and inflicting far more damage on the U.S. than Mexico could dream of if they wanted to be the worst enemy of the U.S

    Indeed, some of these same Mexican politicians are going around now proclaiming China as some kind of alternative to the U.S. in complete denial of the actual reality of trade with that country. It is unfortunate they can’t seem to look at what largely one way trade with China has done to this country or notice that the Chinese buy less than 15 percent of what they sell here.

    Anyway, you guys beating up on each other changes nothing. As Americans and Mexicans I think we should be letting our respective politicians know we want the rhetoric to stop and the negotiations to begin.

    • i just fixed the link posting for you, but give it a try to check it’s working properly 😉

      • cooncats

        Thank you! How do I post links here that won’t cause the entire post to be rejected? I’ve tried simple copy/paste and had practically every post with a link in it blocked.

        • posts with links are not blocked, but have to be approved on our end before they become public. not the best system but helps keep spam at bay.

          • cooncats

            Understand. However I’ve had posts not approved and deleted with links from very mainstream and credible sources. That’s why I started putting (dot) in for periods and hoping people would be able to use the. Thanks for the feedback!

            I’d like to be considered for providing op eds here. How does one go about submitting pieces for consideration?

          • spam filters are unfathomable, and users can also anonymously flag and thus hide comments. when this affects commenters, like in your case, i pay special attention to their activity and manually add them to a white list.

            get in touch with tony richards at for your op-ed contribution. all follow up and feedback will continue there. good luck!