Peña Nieto speaks yesterday in Mexico state. Peña Nieto speaks yesterday in México state.

Social media chatter can be ‘irritating:’ EPN

Commenters neglect to acknowledge progress that has been made, president says

The president spoke out in favor of his record at an event yesterday in the state of México, where he declared that he found social media commentary “irritating” for its negativity.


Peña said that while analysts abroad have noted that Mexico has a “promising” future, social media users at home “fail to acknowledge” the achievements of his administration.

“They forget what’s said [abroad] . . . and the accusations made on social media can be very irritating, harsh and sharp, and don’t recognize the achievements and progress that we have made as a nation,” the president said.

Speaking at the opening of a new highway project, Peña said foreign analysts see a promising future based on the certainty of future stability.

“I believe I have the right to say what we have achieved as a country,” continued the president.

He said critics who point out what needs to be done, “many of them rightly and with reason,” should acknowledge what has been done and the progress made.

Peña said there has been no other federal administration that, despite not meeting yearly economic growth projections, has seen the economy continue to grow.

“We’ve grown constantly and consistently, year after year, and after this administration our economy will have grown by 18%,” he asserted.

Source: Vanguardia (sp)

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  • WestCoastHwy

    ‘“promising” future, social media users at home “fail to acknowledge” the achievements of his administration”,” begs the question, “when is it coming? (promising future)”

    Turning Mexicans into slave labor isn’t a GOOD way to increase your country’s economy of which the criminal element has been completely left out of Peña’s formulation.

    • Dave Warren

      He must have failed to read the news about the Governors of Nayarit and Chihuahua as PRI cattle rustlers and donations to the Fed PRI campaign . From the people to the politicians.

  • Cam Nante

    The people are simply tired of the corruption and impunity…what good is economic growth if they’re not safe in the streets?

  • Güerito

    Most serious international analysts have noted that corruption and impunity are threats to Mexico’s economic and democratic future.

    And that 18% growth figure is a sad joke. Just another lie.