Scene of yesterday's attempted robbery. Scene of yesterday's attempted robbery.

Soldier killed after thwarting robbery

The thieves were also killed in the incident on the Mexico City-Puebla highway

A soldier traveling on public transit was killed yesterday morning after attempting to prevent a robbery on the Mexico City-Puebla highway.

The incident occurred at Ampliación Santa Catarina near the Mexico City-México state boundary, where two of the passengers pulled out weapons and demanded money and belongings from the other passengers.

One of those was a member of the military, who also pulled out a weapon and began firing. In the ensuing exchange of gunfire, passengers ducked behind seats to avoid being hit.

The thieves ordered the driver to stop and ran from the bus, at which point the soldier was shot and killed. The attackers also died at the scene.

The driver was also wounded.

The bus was traveling from Chalco, state of México, to Mexico City.

The most frequent of all crimes in México state is robbery or assault in the street or on public transit.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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