Governor Astudillo, third from right, and other members of the Guerrero Coordination Group. Governor Astudillo, third from right, and other members of the Guerrero Coordination Group.

Soldiers will guard 100 Guerrero schools

Measure to restart classes comes after an especially violent weekend

As the Army prepares to mount a special security operation in Guerrero to enable students and teachers to return to school, violence in the state continues unabated.


About 60,000 students have not attended school since the September 19 earthquake, primarily because of insecurity posed by warring drug gangs in Chilapa and four other municipalities.

Yesterday, the Guerrero Coordination Group, an umbrella organization of security agencies, agreed to a series of actions to protect teachers and students and reopen the schools, said Governor Héctor Astudillo. One of those measures will be surveillance by the Army of 100 schools in Chilapa.

The governor acknowledged that there is an ongoing confrontation between two rival criminal organizations, leaving the public caught in the middle. State and federal forces are intervening to try to reestablish security, Astudillo said.

That confrontation is between Los Rojos and Los Ardillos, who have been fighting over territory for years.

There was other gang warfare on the weekend, a particularly bloody one that left 18 people murdered in five municipalities. Eight of the killings took place in Acapulco, where authorities also discovered human remains in a hidden grave at an abandoned home in Miguel Alemán in the city center.

There have been 900 murders so far this year in Acapulco.

Ten more people were killed on the weekend in Tlapa, Iguala, Copanatoyac and Zihuatanejo.

Source: Milenio (sp), El Universal (sp)

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  • WestCoastHwy

    This is beyond me, using military to protect Mexican schools? Maybe Dafne Almazán can use her brain power to fix this. But then again, I saw a diamond in a pig pen once but didn’t even consider getting myself contaminated for such.