Chávez: escaped in a garbage can. Chávez: escaped in a garbage can.

Sonora prison inmate escapes in trash can

It's like something out of a movie, says incredulous state governor

An inmate at a Sonora state penitentiary escaped on Tuesday in a garbage can, an incident the governor described as something “out of a movie.”


Larry Chávez Palomares, 31, hid himself in a trash container early Tuesday morning and left the premises of the Hermosillo prison in full view of surveillance cameras, but concealed inside a garbage truck.

An incredulous governor Claudia Pavlovich Arellano told a press conference that she has boasted in the past of the high standards of state-run prisons, “only to have this happen.”

Now she wants the full force of justice to be applied “to those inside and those outside.”

“I don’t want to be unfair,” said Pavlovich, “[because] there are penitentiaries everywhere in the country that are in complete abandonment and I cannot complain about mine, but it’s frustrating when something like this happens.”

The governor was concerned that staff failed to check the trash container in which Chávez hid himself. “They should be checking every time, I don’t know if this time it slipped [the guards’] minds.”

Originally from Sinaloa, Chávez was serving a 21-year sentence for the 2002 kidnapping of a businessman from Agua Prieta. He and his four accomplices had demanded a ransom of US $6 million.

Described by authorities as “very dangerous,” Chávez is being sought by prison guards and military personnel.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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