Hidalgo artisans and their textiles. Hidalgo artisans and their textiles.

Spanish clothing firm withdraws products

Mango copied indigenous designs by Hidalgo artisans after finding them online

The Spanish multinational clothing firm that was found last month to have been plagiarizing indigenous textile designs from Hidalgo has taken the products off the market.

The move by Mango came in response to a letter sent to the firm October 17 by state lawmakers. In response, Mango’s marketing and communications office said the company’s designers had found unattributed images of traditional embroidery made by artisans from Tenango de Doria on the internet.

The designers “completely ignored that these were artistic representations made by indigenous communities,” said the firm in a statement.

After a media outcry reached the ears of decision-makers at Mango the firm moved to “act in good faith and as quickly as possible.”

“For this reason, the items were withdrawn immediately from our physical and online stores,” continued the statement issued on October 27 by marketing and communications director Guillermo Corominas Palomar.

The statement, addressed to the state legislature, said Mango was interested in collaborating with any organization or association that offers aid to the indigenous communities.

“Our department of social action would be very interested in getting in touch with them in order to evaluate possible collaboration options that would allow us repair the possible damages that could have been caused . . .”

However, Kenia Montiel Pimentel, undersecretary for social participation and artisanal promotion, said the company has not offered a direct response to a request for dialogue made by the artisans themselves and the state government.

Tenango artisan Beatriz José Cajero applauded the Spanish firm’s move but expressed the wish that the government would do more to protect the designs created by artisans such as herself.

Artisans have been litigating a similar case since last year against food and beverage firm Nestlé México.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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