One of the armored vehicles to be employed by a new police unit. One of the armored vehicles to be employed by a new police unit in Tamaulipas.

Special police unit deployed to Reynosa

But in Ciudad Madero they're wondering where the gendarmes went

Security was beefed up with a new police unit in one Tamaulipas city but in another officials were left scratching their heads after the gendarmes pulled out.


Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca assigned a special state police group to the border city of Reynosa, where it will collaborate with federal forces in the fight against organized crime.

The governor said the force, equipped with five new Israeli-built Sand Cat armored vehicles, is just one element of the administration’s efforts to fully arm and prepare state security forces.

Sixteen more armored vehicles are to be delivered to four more special groups, which will be deployed to other regions of the state, while 20 police officers and personnel from the Attorney General’s office are in the United States for special training.

They are working with agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Border Patrol, the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office and the McAllen Police Department.

Governor García acknowledged that several states are suffering from criminal violence “and Tamaulipas is not the exception, although we’ve obtained significant progress in security, which translates into investment, jobs and tourism.”


But “there’s a long way to go,” he added, remarking that to recover peace the three levels of government must work as a unified force.

Meanwhile, as security for Reynosa was being reinforced, in Ciudad Madero it was being reduced. At least 150 officers with the National Gendarmerie appeared to leave town on Tuesday.

Mayor José Zorrilla Moreno said he was still awaiting official word on the withdrawal of the police that had been deployed to the beach town to bolster security. He said it would be unfortunate if they didn’t come back because their presence was needed in the municipality’s tourist area and “the best beach in Tamaulipas.”

Source: El Universal (sp)

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