A bullfight in Mexico A bullfight in Mexico: ban under consideration in Baja California.

State Congress to vote on bullfighting ban

Lawmakers decide Thursday whether to end the practice in Baja California

Baja California might become the fourth state in Mexico to ban bullfighting as the state Congress prepares to vote Thursday on the controversial issue.


Members of the National Association of Bull Breeders and representatives of bullfighters and bullfighting aficionados appeared before lawmakers last month to make their case against a ban.

Among their arguments was that the industry generates 500 direct jobs throughout the country, along with indirect ones in restaurants, hotels and public transportation.

They said each bullfighting season contributes 200 billion pesos (US $11.3 billion) to the country’s economy, a figure that members of Congress found “somewhat exaggerated,” said Rodolfo Olimpo Hernández Bojórquez.

Those in favor of the state going through with the prohibition have created an online petition at Change.org. The petition reads, in part: “If we can convince lawmakers that there are thousands of us who oppose this cruel and inhumane practice, we could bring about a historic change.”

Over 150 civil society, artists and community organizations have publicly endorsed the petition, which calls on state legislators to “abolish bullfighting in the state and not let themselves be pressured by the bullfighting lobby,” alluding to the “exaggerated vision of the supposed economic benefits of bullfighting” presented by the bull breeders.


As of today it had garnered 88,842 signatures in favor.

Another petition for the no side is not doing as well.

“Let’s defend bullfighting in Baja California” says “thousands of jobs” are at risk because of a ban that would not only cause economic damage but end a 150-year-old tradition in the state. The petition had collected just 4,495 signatures by today.

The states of Coahuila, Sonora and Guerrero have banned bullfighting, a form of entertainment that has become increasingly unpopular in Mexico.

Deputy Hernández has publicly stated his personal stance against the sport although he has expressed his admiration for toreros, or bullfighters, and their dexterity.

Source: UniMexicali (sp), La Prensa (en)

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  • kallen

    This is easy: just do what is right Baja. Cruelty and inhumane treatment of other life forms for the sake of jobs is a no-brainer.

    • BETOXELA2015


      • PintorEnMexico

        Well the brave MAN only gets close to killing the bull after the muscles supporting its head have been pierced with barbed spears by other brave MEN on horseback after exhausting him in the ring. A nice compromise would be to do it like the Portuguese or French.

        • BETOXELA2015

          Hey Tonto, learn a little about bullfighting before you express yourself, because from your comments you have shown you know next to nothing about bullfighting. Let me try to educate you a little. First the French and the Portuguese have matadors that perform the Fiesta Brave on foot and others that perform in the Fiesta Brava on horseback. When fighting the bull on horseback they do not always kill the bull, but if fighting on foot they always kill the bull. This is because if the bull is not killed in the allotted 2o minutes it becomes wise enough not to charge the cape, or muleta, and instead charges the man directly. The use of the pics and the banderillas are used to correct any deficiencies the bull has when he charges. The worst of these deficiencies is if the bull hooks to the right. If this is not corrected by putting the banderillas on the left side of the bull the matador will most likely get a horn in his cojones when he passes over the bull’s right horn at “the moment of truth” to place the sword so as to cut the bull’s aorta. If the bull charges true, that is, with no deficiencies, a “nun” as the Spaniards say, the matador will request that no pics be used. However, at least one pair of banderillas will always be placed, because their placing is an integral part of the Fiesta Brava. This is about one thousandth of what a corrida is all about. Go read and learn, or better go to Ronda, Espana where it all started to see the museum dedicated to the art of bullfighting.

          • You go, fella! Though I went to a bullfight just once — in Mexico City — and have no interest in ever seeing one again, I support the tradition. Far worse things are done to animals. Go after those things. Bullfighting is simply very visible and easy to attack.

          • Oliver Bodnar

            You quite obviously have a small penis and the EGO has you by the balls and it’s not allowing you to be the good person we know you are.

            Nobody cares how small your dick is..really, nobody cares! Time to put the EGO in the ring and let one of the “men” in tights have a go at it.

            No matter which way you look at it, what you do is savage…traditions are made for one reason and that is so they can be broken. They’re actually a good measure of evolution for a people.

            Speaking of evolution, you are wrong about us coming from Apes…we have about 98% of the same DNA as Chimpanzees but the remaining 2% has so much information in it, that it would take a very long time to go through…it most likely contains the information of where we really came from…there have been a lot of studies determining that we were seeded on Earth and we are definitely not the first civilization on the planet.

            One of the reasons we are not allowed to be part of the cosmic community is because we are too savage and by “we” I mean you and people like you who are afraid to let go of the past and are so brainwashed by religion, society, traditions and anything else that diverts your mind from thinking for itself.

            Supposedly, this planet is kind of like a zoo…an experiment for other beings far more intelligent and peaceful than us…they are waiting for all of us to work out our differences and for people like you to figure out why you like to murder sentient animals under the guise of helping to conserve them. There are many conservation groups protecting animals around the world, so trying to make it sound like “you hunters” are the reason for saving ANY animals from disappearing is laughable…but it shows that your good side is trying to break free of the EGO’s hold…which is a good thing…keep trying.

            This is a quote from Colombian bullfighter Alvaro Munera taken from: http://birthmoviesdeath.com/2012/03/06/a-bullfighter-faced-with-the-reality-of-his-crimes

            “And suddenly, I looked at the bull. He had this innocence that all
            animals have in their eyes, and he looked at me with this pleading. It
            was like a cry for justice, deep down inside of me. I describe it as
            being like a prayer – because if one confesses, it is hoped, that one is
            forgiven. I felt like the worst shit on earth.”

            ” Those who consider the torture and death of an innocent animal a source
            of fun or inspiration are mean-spirited, despicable people.”

            I hope you choose to fight the EGO Beto, for IT, is why these sentient creatures suffer!! I know you can do it…time to wake up! You are being called!

      • While I agree with your sentiments, have you noticed your CAPS LOCK is activated? My ears are ringing.

      • kallen

        Wow in this day and age some people still resort to name calling and shouting. Your logic is false on so many levels I don’t know where to begin but you know, nothing I could say would change your mind because I don’t think you get it.

      • Dora Shepherd

        The Bull has no chance. He has been drugged, blinded with vaseline in his eyes, peppers stuck up his ass, deprived of food, water and sleep. This is nothing but a public spectacle of torture a party filled with Human Monsters. Any business depending on this type of entertainment is not worth their business and should be boycotted as well.

        • BETOXELA2015

          Oh, I assume you have seen all of this done to the bulls. It is obvious you know nothing about the subject of the fighting bulls and it would better for you to keep your ignorant opinions to yourself, because all see you as the gran tonta that you are. For your information, the day before the fight, the official vets look the bulls over to see if any are diseased or crocked or otherwise unfit to fight. That however is not enough; they must also decide whether the animals appear to be of the requisite minimum are (four years rising five for a major fight), and whether they seem adequate in build, horns and general set-up, and comply with the minimum weight demanded by regulations. Scrawny or shabby animals, or those with inadequate horn development or other defects can be will be thrown out by the officials. If management has any doubts, it will have substitutes ready, or the fight will not be authorized. On the morning of the fight, the examination is repeated, and after the official formalities have been complied with, the bulls are cleared to fight. Go read “Fighting Bulls” by Angus Macnab and educate yourself Tonta!

          • Dora Shepherd

            No matter how well they prepare the bull to fight, no matter whether in accordance with their rules, the fact remains, the bull did not agree to participate and is unwilling victim. You can’t compare this to two boxers in the ring. This bullfight is between a killer and a victim. The matador is a murderer and the bull an innocent victim. Anyone that supports this cruel bloody spectacle are human monsters. Tradition, Culture, Economy are all sad excuses for sadistic behavior. This will damage tourism, you wait and see. No, I will not read Fighting Bulls. You, are a cruel person sin verguenza! Maybe some day in the future, you might feel what it is like to be a victim and experience the same physical and emotional pain that the bull feels. Let there be no pity for you.

          • BETOXELA2015

            We humans are only one level above that of monkeys, but in your case, unfortunately, it is obvious you did not make the upgrade. Undoubtedly, you have probably passed on your corrupted microcephallic genes of liberalism and political correctness onto the others in your family. Let me tell you something that you will surely enjoy hearing. I am a big game hunter and I have hunted in many countries around the world, but mostly in Africa, China, Russia, Turkey, and Argentina among many others. I have more than 98 different animal species in a trophy room that would send a thrill up your leg if you saw them. One of my prized trophies is a Cape Buffalo (toro) from South Africa that in your case I am sure you would love to see. We hunters who have hunted globally have been spreading the doctrine of “sustainable use” for many years. This doctrine essentially is maintaining a healthy, well balanced animal herd population for each species by culling out the older, non-productive members of the herd. We have taught the members of the different societies, especially the African tribal societies, that they have the great responsibility of preserving their greatest asset—their animals. A hundred years ago Africa was being depleted of their animals at an alarming rate because the natives were killing their animals only for food and were giving no thought toward conservation by the sustainable use of their animals, that is, maintaining a well- balanced and healthy herds. We have shown them that by acting as guardians of their animals, we hunters are willing to pay them big money to remove the older, non-productive members of the herd, and naturally these are the ones with the biggest horns. This money not only helps their very poor communities, but much of it is used to safe-guard the continuance of the difference animal species by stopping the poaching menace that always exists. We hunters have been very successful in spreading this important message of saving many of these exotic and the big game animals of the world by teaching the doctrine of sustainable use. I personally have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars doing this, and I have friends that have spent much more toward the preservation of these animals all over the world. Sadly, we have uninformed animal right groups that know nothing about the conservation of these animals, and contribute only PC propaganda that does nothing to help in the preservations of these animals, and indeed actually harms them. Case in point is Kenya for instance, several years ago ignorant animal right groups from the UK persuaded the Kenyan government to not allow hunting there. Immediately, the native communities started poaching their animals to the point that within a few years there was almost nothing left of the animals of Kenya. Unfortunately, I must say that you would probably be a willing participant in this kind of animal destruction because of your misguided views on animal welfare.

  • Rightazz

    Its a bull that is what it does fight to his death its not a puppy dog

  • Oh, leave this tradition alone. If legislators want to be nice to animals, outlaw roof dawgs.

  • Dora Shepherd

    The Matador is a Killer, disguised in fancy outfits and the Bull, a tortured Victim who never agreed to participate in such a bloody spectacle designed to entertain Human Monsters. Additionally, the Bull is drugged and blinded with vaseline in his eyes and peppers in his rectum and testicles, hungered and dehydrated. This is sheer cruelty and should be left in the dark ages, to never be repeated. Shame on Legislators and any piece of filth that agreed or encouraged this public torture and killing of an innocent animal. Our family will now boycott Tijuana and Baja California and we will not shut up!

    • BETOXELA2015

      Your PC ignorance is showing again, TONTA, as seen by your
      statements humanizing an animal. It’s is wonderful to hear that you and your family will not be going to Baja California. The last thing Mexico needs is a load of politically correct pinche gringos. Your insistence that the innocent bull is tortured again shows your complete ignorance of what goes on in the plaza de toros. I suspect this ignorance is mostly likely due to a public school education that encourages bias and closed minds. By the way, bullfighting did not start in Spain, it was only modernized there. The history of bullfighting goes back thousands of years to the early times of the Greeks and Egyptians. As for the Pope, please, why bring a Commie politician into the discussion. This idiot would probably actually do what you have suggested and thereby alienate
      thousands of latinos who would follow the flocks of Catholics that have already left the Church because of his inane remarks.

      • Dora Shepherd

        You are a closed minded and cruel TONTO with age old ideas from the Roman era of blood bath scenarios in the colosseum. Your intellectual level is from the dark ages where the animal was thought to have no feelings of pain. Scientists from our modern world have already proven that animals like the Bull, experience all our same emotions and physical pain. While you think you are a superior human with God’s gift of brilliance, you are actually only a modern primate and a very stupid one at that. Out of us human primates, you are inferior, ignorant and should not be trusted with women, small children, pets nor a chia seed rock. Types like you are despised. Everyone should run the other direction when they see your shadow. Hopefully the Universe will soon create a hole, just for you to slide through and be gone, so that less pain will be inflicted on animals from monsters like you.

      • b4goodnowplez

        People who conflate gringos’ efforts to help and cultural clash are usually the ones who which they had a gringo life but are sour grapes they don’t live in U.S. Get off your anger against a people who help regardless where they are from.