No more of these in Campeche. No more of these in Campeche.

State of Campeche joins Ford boycott

Two businesses have done the same following Ford's cancelation of a new assembly plant

Ford Motor Company lost some business last week to two Mexican firms. This week, a state joined the boycott.


The governor of Campeche announced yesterday that the state would no longer buy Ford vehicles and that it was time to show “what Mexicans are made of.”

Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas said 44 new Ford police patrol trucks will be delivered to the state in the next few days, but they will be the last.

The decision followed that of Ford to cancel a US $1.6-billion automotive assembly plant in San Luis Potosí.

Last week Grupo Experiencias Xcaret of Quintana Roo and the construction firm Coconal said they would no longer buy vehicles from Ford.

The latter, which is participating in runway construction at Mexico City’s new airport in partnership with Carlos Slim’s Grupo Carso, said it was canceling indefinitely the purchase plans it had already drawn up for the coming year.

Ford Motor Company recorded a 20% increase in sales in Mexico last year and is the sixth largest automotive manufacturer in terms of market share.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • pedrochapala

    good move! fekk ford and gm should be next.

  • Felipe_Calderoff

    Has anybody calculated how many more cars Ford will sell in the USA from all this good publicity and Trump’s buy USA message? Mexico’s new car sales market is only 8% of the US car sales market.

  • jdwfinger

    the only people that will be hurt by this is the Mexican people. This is a non issue for Americans. Why can’t the Mexican government takes care of its own people.

    • AM

      How is this hurting the Mexican people?? Ford is still moving all of its small car production to Mexico. Ford is not building the plan, but they are reinvesting millions of dollars to upgrade an underused plant in Hermosillo which will produce the cars.

    • ignacio perez

      Hahaha! You mean like the US government takes care of…how many people living below the poverty line in the US? Oh yeah, 95 million.

      • jdwfinger

        but the US gives, food stamps, welfare, child care, housing vouchers, school lunches, health care, college money, just to start. Mexico teaches the art of taking bribes, stealing public money as a right of office, I could go on and on and……

  • Ford cancelling its plant in San Luis Potosi has repercussions for all of their just in time suppliers already building their plants in the same industrial park as Ford and this is all a smoke screen by Ford. They are expanding their Hermosillo (700 million USD) plant to produce the cars that were to be produced in SLP. They did not move any production out of Mexico.

  • Henry Wilson

    mexicans love making symbolic protests with no substance. allows them to feel better about selves without actually taking any responsibility for doing anything about the problem.

    • 101st

      Just like many gringos.

    • AM

      Gee, sounds like a certain neighbor…

    • ignacio perez

      You just described Americans.

  • 101st

    From what I have read, Ford is cutting back on the production of a slow selling model, and this factory happens to be where this slow selling model is produced.

  • miabeach

    Ford will buckle in less than two weeks.

  • Community Voice

    Well Ford can’t win for losing. Now they openly oppose POTUS Executive Order on temporary ban on select immigration from 7 States… SO the anger Mexico and now will anger their biggest money maker… Middle America buying F-150s