Members of the Ramírez family with Governor Corral. Members of the Ramírez family with Governor Corral.

State rewards runners with cash and a house

Rarámuri runners feted after winning marathons in Canada

A family of Rarámuri runners who won two firsts and a second at a marathon in Canada two weeks ago were feted by their home state of Chihuahua when they returned home.

Each of the runners in Santiago Ramírez’s family was awarded a state scholarship of 10,000 pesos (close to US $540) that will help them continue training. In addition, Governor Javier Corral Jurado’s administration gave a house in Guachochi, the family’s hometown, to Ramírez’s son José Mario, where he will live with his wife.

At the annual Polar Bear Marathon in Churchill, Manitoba, Santiago Ramírez and daughter Juana María won first place in the ultramarathon and half marathon, respectively, while son José Mario placed second in the full marathon.

“They have been conquering a series of international matches, and they just participated in one of the hardest and most difficult ones,” Corral said at a ceremony, adding that the terrain and — above all — the weather were both rough. Temperatures plunged to -20 C during the event.

Corral described Santiago Ramírez as “a good man who sets an example for all the people of Chihuahua.”

Speaking in the Rarámuri language, Ramírez thanked the government for its support and those who made it possible to attend to the Polar Bear Marathon.

The Rarámuri are famous for their skill at long-distance running.

Source: El Pueblo (sp)

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