The equine club allegedly owned by the wife of ex-governor Duarte. The equine club allegedly bought with state funds by the wife of ex-governor Duarte.

State seizes property linked to Duarte’s wife

20-hectare riding club is located in the municipality of Coatepec

There is evidence this week that the corruption investigation against former Veracruz governor Javier Duarte Ochoa is not excluding his wife.

The Veracruz Attorney General’s office has seized real estate allegedly owned by Karime Macías Tubilla.

The property houses the 20-hectare Club Hípico Briones, a horseback riding facility located in  Coatepec in the central region of the state.

The investigation has revealed that before 2012 the equine club was all but abandoned, and that horses were kept in makeshift stalls.

“In 2012, the wife of Javier Duarte Ochoa ordered the construction of cement stalls with stone floors, thick wooden doors and tiled roofs, [all paid for with] resources of the state of Veracruz,” according to the Attorney General’s office.

Using frontmen or shell companies Macías is also believed to have purchased an 18-hectare piece of land adjoining the club where a high-end gated community was built.

There were 54 horses in the equine club when officials seized the facility. Two of them, Dutch thoroughbreds, allegedly belong to Macías. Six horse trailers were also seized.

Veracruz Governor Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares said he has asked that his comptroller accelerate the investigation in order to determine if Macías did indeed make use of public monies for her own benefit.

Yunes also spoke of a new line of investigation in the case against the couple. He is going to request that state and federal prosecutors for electoral crimes investigate the diversion of public resources to the 2016 elections.

The governor claimed that over 1.5 billion pesos (almost US $83 million at the time) had been mismanaged during that campaign, between April and June last year.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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