A beekeeper in Quintana Roo. A beekeeper in Quintana Roo.

Student project helps feed bees in drought

Api-Masa is made from regional fruit and vegetables

When the rain didn’t come last year, beekeepers in Quintana Roo knew they would soon be in dire straits caused by plants not blooming — not good for honey production.

In the past they have to seek governmental aid in the form of sugar, with which they feed the bees. But a group of students might have found a way to keep them going despite the drought.

Students at the Institute of Technology of Felipe Carrillo Puerto in the municipality of the same name have developed a bee feed of sorts, a product made from regional fruits and vegetables they call Api-Masa.

Their intention was to create a low-cost, highly nourishing product that could keep bees producing honey through dry spells.

“The youths are innovating in all aspects,” said the director of the institute. “With this project they are attempting to benefit [honey] producers in the Zona Maya, enabling them to have adequate production during dry spells and, above all, improve the local economy,” said William Hernando Briceño Guzmán.

The students’ next goal will be to sell their bee feed at accessible prices to the beekeepers of the region.

The honey industry in Felipe Carrillo Puerto has 561 producers who own 10,470 hives.

Source: Novedades Quintana Roo (sp)

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