Teachers celebrate their student's Cambridge win. Teachers celebrate their student's Cambridge win.

Student’s score is highest in the world

Querétaro student gets top marks in international English test

A 16-year-old student at a private school in Querétaro scored the highest mark in the world in a Cambridge University English as a second language examination.


The student, whose parents asked that she not be identified for security reasons, was one of tens of thousands of students in 145 countries who wrote the exam.

She is a student at Victoria School, an international school of about 500 students from kindergarten to pre-university levels that is operated by a small group of British teachers.

Located in Tequisquiapan, it employs about 50 teachers, of whom 24 are qualified British educators.

It is also a Cambridge international school, which means that students follow the university’s international examinations system as well as Mexico’s public education program.

Victoria School spokesman Peter Nevett said the school’s 16-year-old students take the Cambridge examinations in a wide range of subjects every year.

“The results of these examination, marked and moderated in the United Kingdom, are always excellent but this year a Mexican student in the school is the best in the world!” he said in an email to Mexico News Daily.

He added that the student’s teacher said she deserved “this fantastic result” after two years of dedication and hard work.

Mexico News Daily

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  • jesus christ

    So believable…..I bet Mexico now can get ahead of the English world! I bet there’s absolute truth here as no corruption at any level exists in Mexico. Cambridge University English is used in almost all private Mexican schools as advertised. I see it as, “send you little Jose here and he will learn the Queens language.” Complete rubbish!

    • WestCoastHwy

      Dam Jesus, I couldn’t of said it better!

      • Hailey Mannering

        You mean you couldn`t “have” said it better.

        • WestCoastHwy

          sorry, I don’t speak the Queens English.

          • softunderbelly

            F*CK the queen.

    • Lu

      Have you ever thought that the kid that made this score may read the article? I live in Querétaro and I know this school. There are indeed high levels of corruption in Mexico but Victoria is an exceptional school and several students from there have got prices in international contests where they did not have any possibility of cheating. Don’t denigrate the efforts of Mexican students and their teachers, not everybody here is corrupt.