Students shocked by bad marks on exams

But it turned out that the 11,000 tests were incorrectly graded

Some students got a big shock Saturday upon learning they had scored dismal results on preparatory school admittance tests. But they quickly decided they had been victims of a fraud.


It turns out it wasn’t a fraud but an error in the marking process that gave 11,051 students incorrect grades in tests administered by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

The results of tests had been posted by the Metropolitan Commission of Public High School Institutions (Comipems) on Saturday. That was when a lot of students discovered they had scored fewer than 40 correct answers to the total of 128 questions.

Today, UNAM issued a press release to say the mistake was due to mismatched question and answer sheets. All those tests are being graded once again.

Once ready, Comipems will post the corrected results in the presence of a notary public and with full transparency.

UNAM promised that students who obtain passing grades will be admitted to its preparatory schools, to which 33,218 have already been admitted and are getting ready to start school later this month.

UNAM offered a public apology for the incident.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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