Looks like beef but could be horse. Looks like beef but could be horse meat.

Study finds that beef was actually horse

Nearly 10% of samples were horse meat, and many contained a banned drug

Nearly 10% of beef samples taken from meat markets in five cities turned out to be horse meat in a study conducted by the National Autonomous University.


Researchers tested 433 samples of raw and cooked meat being sold as beef and found that more than 40 were actually horse.

And of those, 29 contained a banned growth-enhancing drug called clenbuterol. More of the meat might have contained the drug because it only shows up in tests of the raw product.

Commissioned by the International Humane Society, the study was carried out in Mexico City; Chicoloapan, México state; Pachuca, Hidalgo; Aguascalientes; Zacatecas and Chihuahua.

Only in Chicoloapan, smallest of the cities in the study, were all the samples actually beef, as advertised.

The study also surveyed 330 vendors, most of whom insisted they didn’t know they were selling horse meat and said they didn’t want to.

Humane Society Mexico director Anton Aguilar said the study showed it was important that consumers be aware of the possibility that labeling in markets and tianguis can be wrong or dishonest.

Source: El País (sp)

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  • WestCoastHwy

    Yes, I was right again. I don’t eat to much red meat as I’m a porker but I have been telling my Mexican proxy that their meat was horse because it lacked any fatty subsistence of which also has been enhanced by some kind of process which renders the muscle structure complexity. Mexicans have acres and acres of range land with water but for the life of me don’t understand why Mexicans have not adopted modern irrigation other than an old concrete canal that is less than 50% efficient to carry water let alone be pumped into a sprinkler system.

    As I say at my favorite taco stand, this is good horse!