Morelos' new Congress building. New headquarters for the state Congress.

‘Sumptuous’ building for Morelos Congress

Governor calls it 'necessary;' candidate calls it 'excessive'

A new building to house the Morelos state Congress, built at a cost of over 495 million pesos (US $26.3 million), has been labeled “excessive and sumptuous” by pre-candidate for governor.

“Morelos has other priorities,” Deputy Víctor Caballero Solano told Congress on Wednesday. “There are thousands of families that live in poverty and the dedication of this legislative building contrasts with our reality.”

The National Action Party (PAN) politician also observed that parts of the state are still rebuilding after the September 19 earthquake. The money could also have been put to better use by spending it on education or health, he said.

In contrast, Caballero pointed out that the 2018 budget of the State Council for Science and Technology was just 10 million pesos, while 17 million was allocated for the state’s Sports Institute.

If the 495 million pesos had been invested in sports infrastructure, Caballero continued, the families of Morelos could be enjoying 200 new sports facilities.

Another critic of the project is Cuernavaca Mayor Cuauhtémoc Blanco Bravo, no friend of the state government. He claimed that the construction has taken place without the necessary permits.

The municipality attempted to suspend the project, located in the Amatitlán neighborhood of Cuernavaca, on two occasions but the state administrative court overruled both attempts.

The new Congress was dedicated on Wednesday in a ceremony led by Governor Graco Ramírez Garrido Abreu in which he praised the support he has received from legislators over the past five years of his administration.

He described the building as “a necessity.”

“. . . when you dignify legislative power you dignify the strength of the institutions.”

Source: Milenio (sp), SDP Noticias (sp)

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