Judge Vega: old news reports unearthed. Judge Vega: old news reports unearthed.

Supreme Court judge accused of homicide

A 32-year-old story reveals Jalisco judge was arrested for homicide, robbery

First there were some fishy dealings involving the release of two men arrested for carrying firearms but a new report offers details of past criminal acts by a Jalisco judge.

“In whose hands is the administration of justice? Those of a criminal,” declared a federal deputy today after a new report about the president of the Jalisco Supreme Court.

There were accusations of misconduct against Judge Carlos Vega Pámanes two weeks ago after the newspaper Reforma published a story about a taped conversation between the judge and the Security Commissioner of Guadalajara, Salvador Caro.

Recorded back in June, Pámanes can be heard pleading for the release of two men who had been arrested earlier that month carrying firearms outside a bank.

The judge has declared since that what can be heard in the tape is “fabricated evidence created by political adversaries led by Guadalajara Mayor Enrique Alfaro,” and that he was only interceding before the commissioner to “streamline the detainees’ process” and requesting they be “treated in compliance with the law.”

Several accusations against Vega have been disclosed since, including that of illegally awarding a concession for a parking lot, a case which the state Congress is reportedly in the process of initiating a legal procedure.

But today there was worse news for the judge. Reforma reported that 32 years ago Vega and a second individual assaulted and robbed two students outside a preparatory school in Guadalajara, according to news reports at the time.

Moments later, Vega and his associate allegedly stole at gunpoint a Volkswagen Beetle from a student in a parking lot of the University of Guadalajara, fleeing the campus at high speed.

Their getaway was interrupted when they ran over two women, aged 52 and 62, in a nearby neighborhood. The younger woman was killed instantly while the second suffered injuries. The vehicle finally came to a halt when it crashed into a nearby post.

Judicial police officers arrived on the scene, the report continued, only to be repelled at gunpoint by Vega and his friend. Eventually they were arrested while in possession of the loot from several robberies: 11,000 pesos, three watches and two gold rings.

However, the reporting ends there, without any additional information regarding a trial and its outcome.

Jalisco Governor Aristóteles Sandoval said today the state prosecutor told him there are no records indicating Judge Vega has a criminal past. The only thing they did find while looking back through the records was the date on which he had been arrested.

Members of both houses of Congress and political leaders were calling today for the judge’s head.

“Justice in Jalisco is at great risk because at the front of the supreme organ of justice in the state is a person accused of robbery and homicide,” said Víctor Sánchez Orozco, secretary of the Justice Commission in the House of Deputies.


Source: Reforma (sp)


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