Discounted strawberries sold quickly after social media posts. Discounted strawberries sold quickly after social media posts.

Surplus berries not due to ‘Trump effect’

Farmer sold tonne of strawberries after social media posts said US had rejected them

The reach of social media was driven home for a Michoacán farmer on the weekend when he sold a tonne of strawberries in less than an hour.


But the power of the message was enhanced significantly by the incorrect claim that the farmer had the surplus fruit due to new United States trade policies.

The information posted on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter announced that Abelardo Martínez Valencia was selling the berries for 20 pesos a package, a discount of 80 pesos on the supermarket price, because the U.S. had refused to allow the strawberries across the border.

“We are helping a man whose strawberries for export were not accepted by the United States (the Trump effect),” read the post.

The so-called Trump effect ensured that the posts went viral. The virality paid off for Martínez but the surplus strawberries had nothing to do with U.S. President Donald Trump’s threats against Mexico trade.

It was simply due to an oversupply in the U.S. and Martínez had been unable to export his product.

The posts got some attention from the state’s Rural Development Secretariat, which issued a statement to assure there was nothing stopping the export of Michoacán farm products into the U.S.

Martínez expressed surprise over the power of social media to reach people but was happy with the response. “I prefer to offer my products at a lower cost rather than see them go to waste.”

Due to the high demand he was considering offering more discount strawberries this week.

Source: El Universal (sp), Mi Morelia (sp)

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  • Gerald R Meyers

    I wondered why the strawberry prices was down in the market, over abundance.

  • cooncats

    I wonder when there’s going to be a surplus problem with raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. The number of berry farms and tents all around Lake Chapala has simply exploded.

    Too bad people couldn’t just help the guy out with this instead of engaging in lying and false attack.

  • alance

    Never miss an opportunity to dump on Trump. Some years are better than others. Michoacán has a perfect growing climate for berries, avocado, citrus, coconuts, veggies and flowers. There are vendors everywhere selling strawberries out of carts and pickup trucks. The price is right.

  • K. Chris C.

    Trump is a puppet–as are all AIPAC bowing US tyranny pols and crats. He says nothing but the words his minders script for him. Therefore, his words are propaganda designed to incite and misdirect the people. The important task of those targeted by propaganda is uncovering the agenda contained within. What do they want you to think.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • Güerito

    TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome. First cases spotted in mainstream media outlets in the US and is now spreading throughout the world.

  • WestCoastHwy

    NOTE: never buy Mexican Fruit that is below WAIST LEVEL!