Police at the scene of lynching. Police at the scene of lynching.

Suspected thieves die after Oaxaca lynching

The three allegedly broke into the home of an elderly couple and beat them

Three men died yesterday after they were lynched in Oaxaca by neighbors of two victims of robbery and assault.


The lynching was triggered by a break-in Monday morning at the home of an elderly couple in San Mateo Macuilxóchitl, a town in the municipality of San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya about 25 kilometers from the state capital. The pair were beaten by the thieves.

After neighbors got wind of the attack they identified three men as the perpetrators and took them to municipal headquarters, where at least 200 had gathered.

Speakers urged the crowd to take the law into their own hands. “The ministerial authorities do nothing, friends,” one woman called out. “Let’s give these assholes a lesson so they stop [committing crimes].”

Said another: “Let’s lynch them, let’s kill them; the dead dog doesn’t spread rabies. Why should we want them go to jail when tomorrow they’ll be set free?”

The crowd took their prisoners to the municipal dump, beat them, doused them with gasoline and and set them on fire.

State police arrived in time to rescue the alleged thieves and transport them to hospitals in Oaxaca city, located about 22 kilometers away.

San Mateo Macuilxóchitl

All three died yesterday evening due to severe burns and injuries suffered during the beating.

Residents of Macuilxóchitl justified their actions by claiming they were fed up with increasing levels of insecurity, a situation made worse by limited police surveillance.

The state Attorney General’s office is investigating.

Source: El Universal (sp), NVI Noticias (sp)

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  • Mike

    The perpetrators learned a lesson and are dead.
    The people who killed the three thieves are murderers.
    What did I learn from this story? That Mexico is a place
    where humanity is hard to find and a destination that
    will never be part of my travel plans. No thank you.

    • BB

      You just don’t know what you’re missing, Mike. Mexico is beautiful. But just don’t forget that they did that same thing in the US to innocent black people.

      • Felipe_Calderoff

        They did, Mike? You mean in the US townsfolk were so fed up with an ineffective and dysfunctional judicial system that they decided to burn three innocent black people? Where and when was that?

      • BB, you should have stopped typing after the second sentence.

    • drbsea

      Dude, there are areas of Mexico that the locals would love to be able to escape from, but are unable to do so for many reasons. Don’t visit those areas. There are many, many other parts to the country that are wonderful, beautiful, full of sincerely kind, nice, pleasant individuals to enjoy.

  • Frontier justice.

  • WestCoastHwy

    How did this article turn into a Black Lives Matters issue? Oaxaca being one of the Mexican State with beautiful stretch of beaches is one of the most aboriginal Mexican States. Not excluding Chiapas, if I was an aboriginal from this area, I would petition for succession from Mexico and call it Oaxaexit.

  • David Nichols

    As long as we are going back in history, Mexicans cut the hearts out of their female victims and threw them into volcanos….Why, because they were virgins..!
    Kinda encouraged early, well known, sexual activity on the part of the muchachas…(which may have been the idea all along)..!!

    • drbsea

      Lets not confuse what a “religion” did to it’s people, as opposed to what fear of more and more crime does to a society as a whole. Especially when they feel that the state, the authorities, ignores or pays little or no attention to.

      • David Nichols

        drbsea Agreed…
        my post was in response to Derek Dominion’s claim that the USA was worse than Mexico, based on the historical mal treatment of Negroes 150 years ago in the USA… We fought a war to fix that…!
        My point being that if you are going to go back in history to cite examples of heinous practices, that sword cuts both ways…!

  • 101st

    “Dying” from a lynching???

  • drbsea

    Where the heck is the lynching? These poor schmucks died from being set on fire. That is a horrible way to die. Hope they got the real guilty guys, not some poor innocent by-stander. I don’t live in this area, so I can’t say if the mob mentality was right or wrong.

  • djr4nger

    – and, today, blacks kill blacks just because. No real reason, just because. Reality check: Most black people killed in the US are killed by other blacks.