The young tiger out for a walk in Salina Cruz. The young tiger out for a walk in Salina Cruz.

Taking tiger for a walk is a no-no: Profepa

Undocumented tiger seized in Oaxaca while walking with its owner

Taking an undocumented pet tiger for a walk turned out to be a bad idea for a Oaxaca man last week.

Officials from the environmental protection agency Profepa seized the Bengal tiger in Salina Cruz after the owner was unable to supply documentation for it.

Officials became aware of the tiger after photos were published online showing owner Carlos Domínguez taking the four-month-old animal for a walk around town on a leash.

At first Domínguez claimed that he had all the permits in order, but upon inspection officials found he did not.

They said the tiger was not being kept in in optimal conditions in Domínguez’s home, in violation of regulations issued by the federal Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat).

Profepa issued a statement to say that although the tiger cub was in a good physical condition its fur was rough to the touch, an indication that it had not been receiving an adequate diet.

Mexican law requires that owners of an exotic species must be able to produce proof of legal ownership and demonstrate they are able to care for the animal in a dignified and respectful environment.

Exotic species are defined as animals not naturally found in Mexico.

Profepa also said there is no permit that allows the owner of an exotic species to take it out for a walk in the street.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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