Students dress as butterflies for Tamaulipas competition. Students dress as butterflies for Tamaulipas competition.

Tamaulipas embraces butterfly preservation

Festivals and other efforts help build conservation culture

The monarch butterfly is enjoying new prestige in Tamaulipas.

Students of all ages and their parents have embraced monarch butterfly conservation efforts, helping raise awareness and celebrating festivals in honor of the migratory insect.

The intention is to further spread the word about the importance of the butterflies and their conservation, said a state government official.

“Little by little, the seed has been planted,” said Elda Patricia Vásquez Farías, explaining recent festivals in Matamoros and Gómez Farías.

In Matamoros, for example, preschool students participated in a costume contest, while primary school students designed and flew their own kites, all monarch-inspired.

In Gómez Farías it was the students from a local secondary school who organized a series of cultural events.

The municipality of Jaumave had been celebrating the presence of the monarch butterflies since October 21, and their festival concluded just yesterday.

“They had photography and drawing contests, storytelling, and kite demonstrations where some 400 children from nine schools joined in, all drawn by the the topic of the monarchs and their importance in the world we live in,” said Vásquez.

She added that monarch butterfly observation posts located in the towns of Jaumave, Santiaguillo, Ávila y Urbina, Monterredondo and Matías García will be open throughout the weekend, as a “massive” arrival of insects is expected.

“The weather there is very nice for them, ideal for the monarchs to ‘charge their batteries’ on their way to the [Michoacán and México states] sanctuaries,” she said.

Source: Milenio (sp), Posta (sp)

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