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Here’s another way to tour Taxco

On a thrilling three-minute mountain bike ride through streets and down stairs

There’s more news out of Guerrero this week, but it’s not about corruption, kidnapping and murder.


The story takes place in the mining and jewelry town of Taxco, just half an hour away from Iguala, the city that has put Guerrero in the international spotlight since the violence there on September 26.

Anyone who has visited Taxco will remember hilly streets, jewelry stores and hilly streets. It is so hilly, in fact, that it qualifies for inclusion in the City Downhill World Tour, a race for intrepid mountain bike riders.

In Taxco, they hurtle down narrow streets, through dirt, down hundreds of stairs, past a few stray animals and many pedestrians, and even through a hallway in someone’s house.

Slovak rider Filip Polc, who completed the course in an almost nauseating three minutes and came in second place, attached a GoPro camera to his helmet.

To get a feel for the full excitement of the ride, view the video of Polc’s ride. But hang on to your chair.

Mexico News Daily


Video courtesy Filip Polc/YouTube

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