Taxi drivers resume Uber protests in Quintana Roo. Taxi drivers resume Uber protests in Quintana Roo.

Taxis react with blockades to law allowing Uber in Quintana Roo

Uber is back in Quintana Roo, and so are protesting taxi drivers.

The state Congress on Monday approved several modifications to the Mobility Law, effectively allowing services like Uber to operate freely in the state, a move that triggered protests and blockades by taxi drivers.

Drivers in Cancún blocked traffic in the city’s hotel zone and downtown.

In the state capital, Chetumal, cab drivers set up an hour-long blockade yesterday afternoon.

Representatives of the 17 cab driver unions operating in Chetumal met to plan protest activities.

The spokesperson for one of the unions declared that Congress had “stabbed them in the back” with the amended law. He said lawmakers did not take into consideration the 33,000 families that depend on taxi drivers’ income throughout the state.

Ride-hailing services stopped operating late last year after several conflicts with taxis.

On December 26, Uber temporarily ceased operations in Quintana Roo, stating at the time that it would only resume service if local regulations offered a level playground.

It called the Mobility Law — as written at the time — discriminatory and restrictive.

In October, the Quintana Roo chapter of the business group Coparmex presented survey results showing that while only 35% of people used services such as Uber, most had a good opinion of them.

Ninety per cent of respondents said that they specifically wanted to see Uber continue operating in the state.

Source: Milenio (sp), Sipse (sp)

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