Carla, on stage before her dance routine. Carla, on stage before her dance routine.

Teacher loses job after dance video goes viral

Young woman deemed immoral after suggestive moves in dance contest

A young teacher from Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, has lost her job after a risqué video shot during her Holy Week vacation went viral.

The teacher, 24, was at the Cabo San Lucas Mango Deck Restaurant, Bar & Beach Club when an entertainer and her friends encouraged her to take the stage and join an amateur dance competition.

To the tune of Daddy Yankee’s Rompe reggaeton hit, the young woman began an uninhibited dance that included bringing her breasts and buttocks close to the “judge’s” face, another guest at the bar who won his position after bidding the most money.

The young teacher’s suggestive dance moves won her the first prize, US $260, beating her French, Texan and Mexico City opponents.

The video of the dance competition was uploaded to Más Noticias Baja California Sur, a local news webpage hosted on Facebook, where it promptly became popular, its virality transcending the social network. The video found its way to Ciudad Obregón via the instant messaging service WhatsApp even before the holidays were over.

The participant depicted in the video was promptly identified by viewers in that city as a preschool and elementary school teacher at a private institution.

Things went downhill from there for the young woman, who was subjected to insults and labeled as immoral on social media.

The teacher, named “Carla” in a story by Reforma, had noticed people recording with their mobile phones, but she never expected the video would become so popular so fast.

“I’m not doing anything wrong, it’s a dance competition, and participating in it does not define me as a person. I’m doing it in my free time, and this is the 21st century. There’s nothing to be scared of; I’m not naked or having sex, much less consuming drugs or disrespecting someone,” said Carla.

Then screengrabs from the video appeared online alongside pictures taken at Carla’s school, where she appeared with her students.

“I was singled out as immoral, called immature and a whore, but it hurt when they crossed that line, because [the video] has nothing to do with my work, much less with the faces of the children that appear in the pictures.”

When Carla returned to work after the holiday, the school’s principal and its lawyer were waiting for her. They informed her that several parents had raised complaints regarding her “immoral behavior” and demanded she be punished.

Carla claims that the lawyer advised her to sign her resignation, saying that she would be taken back once “the issue calmed down.” The teacher lamented that “no other options were given, I felt pressured and attacked. All I could do was sign and leave as fast as I could.”

The school has denied Carla’s version, declaring that she resigned “for personal reasons.”

The teacher is not without supporters. Relatives, friends and parents intend to collect signatures in favor of Carla’s reinstatement in her former position.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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