A roadblock in Oaxaca city today. A roadblock in Oaxaca city today.

Teachers go on strike, blockade highways

Strike is for 24 hours, but blockades planned for tomorrow as well

Oaxaca teachers declared a 24-hour strike today as they continue to apply pressure on the state government to meet their demands.


The renewed protest comes after the administration of Governor Alejandro Murat Hinojosa issued a second round of counter-proposals to demands by the CNTE union local Section 22, which the teachers called “invalid and insufficient.”

In addition to mounting nearly 40 highway blockades, the teachers will continue their boycott against the performance evaluations, which earlier this month entailed hacking into the federal and state education websites and physically impeding the delivery of documents.

Section 22 will apply extra pressure in those locations where education authorities have scheduled evaluations, and has warned it will launch a cyber-attack on social networks to prevent teachers from being notified about the tests.

If it doesn’t receive a favorable response from the state more extreme protests could start June 1.

There were 37 blockades reported in place today, but all were described as partial and traffic was moving, though slowly. The union threatened, however, to close highways completely in order to prevent evaluations.

The spokesman for the state education agency IEEPO said Section 22’s protest actions would only have dire consequences for the 3,699 education employees hired by the dissident CNTE two years ago, but who weren’t officially recognized by the state government until last December.

Those employees have been in an administrative limbo that has left them without a salary for about a year and a half. The state has proposed to regularize them via an aptitude test, a measure that Section 22 has opposed.

The state and federal governments are reportedly considering an alternative action plan to counter the dissident teachers’ weekend protests.

Some 1 million students in the state will lose another day of school today, provided all the teachers strike.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • G.b. Adams

    Send in the bulldozers, clear the roads, and get commerce moving.

  • cooncats

    These people are waging war on the people of Oaxaca. You don’t negotiate with terrorists. Clear the roads, fill the jails, throw the union and its employees out and start over.

  • Henry Wilson

    the concept of “oaxaca teacher” is an oxymoron.