telephone callers No more confusing prefixes.

Telephone prefixes to be phased out in 2019

01, 044 and 045 will all disappear (and save a lot of confusion) in 2019

Say goodbye to telephone prefix confusion: all phone calls in Mexico — mobile or fixed — will be made using 10 digits, and no prefixes will be required.


The Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) announced the change this week, but it won’t take effect until August 3, 2019.

The prefixes being phased out include the 01 entered before long-distance calls or non-geographical numbers (think 01-800 numbers), and 044 and 045, used to make local and long-distance calls, respectively, to a mobile phone from a landline.

A long distance call from abroad to a mobile number in Mexico will no longer need the number 1 before the area code.

The IFT said telecommunication service providers have more than a year and a half before the new system becomes active, enough time to adjust their networks and systems for proper implementation of the new 10-digit domestic dialing.

The agency said the system will allow for a more streamlined and standardized dialing procedure and a more efficient administration of numeric resources.

It will also save a lot of confusion for anyone unfamiliar with the current system.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • Miguel DeLeon

    Gracias a Dios, y todos los Santos! This is the happiest news I’ve heard, regarding Mexico’s infrastructure, since moving back home here!

  • DreadFool

    If there is no more confusion in Mexico, caramba, I will have to move to Zimbabwe, pues.

  • Vern Porter

    How about the 1 that goes before the cell numbers when calling from the states or a land line in Mexico?

    • Roxana

      The article says “A long distance call from abroad to a mobile number in Mexico will no longer need the number 1 before the area code.”

  • Stuart Miller

    Almost 2 years to fix this? 88 weeks, 616 total days. Almost as bad as the length of time it takes to get a phone line! Now we see more clearly why Carlos Slim is one of the richest men in the world — reinvestment into the infrastructure and the speedy service!

  • Jay Reinholt

    What about calling an 800 / 888 / 877 / 866 / 855 from Mexico to USA, no more translation codes? Oh please oh please!!!

    • Chava

      That is a different issue. People who have 800/888, etc numbers PAY for the incoming calls. THEY choose which countries to accept calls from, not the other way around.

      • Jay Reinholt

        The issue is Mexico uses similar 800 system, thus the translation matrix, it’s not about deciding whether or not the Provider of the US 8XX chooses to make the calls free from outside of the US.

        • Chava

          Again, as an 800 number holder, *I* decided to accept incoming calls from U.S. and Canada only, as that is where my client base was. There are a few U.S. 800 numbers that *do* work from here that I can call fine to.

          • Jay Reinholt

            Maybe this will better explain it. Mexico has their 800 numbers so if I want to to call a USA 800 from Mexico I have to dial 880 instead of 800….there is 881 882, 883, in place of their respective USA 8XX…does that explain it….when I dial the 880, it translates to 800 and then the message comes on about accepting payment.