Lagos, shot while cycling. Lagos, shot while cycling.

Televisa official killed by his bodyguard

Head of izzy telecom believed caught in crossfire during robbery attempt

A top executive at the Mexican broadcasting firm Televisa was shot dead by his own bodyguard Sunday while cycling near the Teotihuacán pyramids in the state of México.

Adolfo Lagos was the CEO of izzi telecom, a subsidiary of the media conglomerate that offers internet, cable television and telephone services. He died in hospital from his wounds.

“Grupo Televisa profoundly laments the death of izzi general director Adolfo Lagos Espinosa, that took place in the state of México. Our condolences to his wife, daughters and relatives,” the company wrote on Twitter Sunday.

According to the state Attorney General, Lagos was caught in crossfire during a confrontation with suspected thieves on the Tulancingo-Pyramids highway. Authorities believe the incident was an attempted robbery and have ruled out the possibility that Lagos’ bodyguard killed him intentionally.

“We are certain that the bodyguard tried to defend his boss. We have no evidence to establish that there was any intent,” Attorney General Alejandro Gómez told Grupo Fórmula.

Lagos’ head of security, who was following in a vehicle at the time of the incident, has told authorities that he and another bodyguard were involved in a shootout with criminals after the latter confronted their boss and his cycling companion. Lagos’ bicycle is valued at 170,000 pesos (US $9,000), Gómez said.

Lagos’ fellow cyclist has told authorities that two men approached the pair and one of them fired several shots before they both fled into a nearby crop of nopal cactus.

Gómez said that seven 9-millimeter bullet casings matching the weapons used by Lagos’ private security personnel had been found at the scene but no other bullet casings had been retrieved. A bullet removed from Lagos’ body also matched his bodyguards’ weapons.

“They told us that there was an exchange of shots. There are no casings from other weapons, that means that there is a possibility that the weapons of the alleged criminals were revolvers because they don’t leave casings,” Gómez said.

The attorney general added that the guards could still face manslaughter charges although any decision to proceed against them will not be made until a full investigation has been completed.

Lagos joined Televisa to became the CEO of izzi in 2013 following a career in the banking industry.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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