Attorney General Gómez Attorney General Gómez: departmental changes.

The Attorney General plans a shake-up

Arely Gómez will replace most state representatives in professionalization move

The Attorney General’s office (PGR) has announced a major shake-up of the department’s structure, replacing most of the 32 state representatives.

In a meeting with senators from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and Ecologist Green Party  PVEM), Attorney General Arely Gómez said that by replacing all state delegates the PGR is moving a step forward in the professionalization of the department.

The newly selected delegates had to be vetted and approved first by both the Secretariats of Navy and National Defense and the National Center for Planning, Analysis and Information for Combating Crime (Cenapi).

The selection, said Gómez, took months. Candidates had to be well-versed in Mexico’s new adversarial criminal justice system (the Sistema Penal Acusatorio), and were background-checked to prevent the likelihood of any opposition, criticism or veto from social or political organizations.

Gómez explained that only one or two of the current representatives will remain in their positions, and one or two will be transferred to another state.

Most will take office after the annual report by the president tomorrow. They have been given a manual with specific indicators and goals they must achieve and an evaluation will follow after three months. If their performance is unsatisfactory, they will be removed from office.

As for the new adversarial justice system, Gómez said federal legislators have yet to complete modifications to the legal framework to allow for its full implementation.

Gómez observed that that the new system is the most relevant overhaul of the Mexican justice system in decades, and that the involvement of federal legislators is essential in moving it forward.

Gómez asked them to work with the PGR to refine legislation that will prevent impunity.

“We must establish joint actions. The fight against crime isn’t fought from one [government] body, order or power: it is a task that demands our joint efforts, including those of society at large,” said the Attorney General.

Source: Excélsior (sp)

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