The Green Boy, career politician. The Green Boy, career politician.

The Green Boy from Cancún and his luxury homes in San Antonio

Son of Green Party founder has held office for almost 25 years without running for election

Almost 25 years of experience as an elected politician without ever having to run a personal political campaign: check.

A member of the family that has practically been the owner of Mexico’s Green Party since its foundation: check.

Caught up in a scandal involving the death of a 25-year-old Bulgarian woman in Cancún: check.

Currently building four luxury residences with his family in a wealthy neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas: check.

Jorge Emilio González Martínez, commonly known in Mexico as “El Niño Verde(the green boy), can tick all those boxes and more in a scandal-plagued political career that has included stints in both houses of federal Congress as well as the Mexico City legislature.

All of the elected positions González has held have come via his nomination by the Ecological Green Party of Mexico (PVEM) as a plurinominal— or proportional representation— candidate, meaning that he hasn’t had to directly contest any of the elections which led to his appointments.

Homes the Green Boy's family is building in San Antonio.
Homes the Green Boy’s family is building in Texas.

The senator — currently on leave of absence — will seek to extend his political career beyond a quarter of a century on July 1 when the PVEM contests the July 1 election as part of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party-led “Everyone for Mexico” coalition.

Once again, it has included González on its list of proportional representation candidates for the lower house.

As he awaits the outcome of his sixth plurinominal nomination, construction of the four homes in the upmarket San Antonio neighborhood of the Dominion continues. Yesterday, the newspaper Reforma published a report detailing the family’s United States real estate interests.

The lots where three of the four houses are being built belong to companies owned by González’s mother and two sisters, while the fourth is registered in the name of the wife of his former personal secretary. Seven years ago the secretary allegedly acted as a prestanombre or front person for González in the much-talked-about scandal involving the model Galina Chankova Chaneva, who plunged to her death from an apartment the Green Boy allegedly owned.

Sources from the real estate industry told Reforma that, when completed, each San Antonio residence will be worth around US $2.5 million, raising questions about the source of the family’s wealth. The lots were purchased in 2013 for between US $475,000 and US $560,000 each.

While steering clear of making any allegations, the Reforma report highlighted that the PVEM — founded in 1986 by Gonzalez’s father, Jorge González Torres — has received countless millions of pesos in public funding annually.

In 2017, the party was the beneficiary of 357 million pesos (US $18.2 million at today’s exchange rate), while it will receive 578 million pesos (US $29.5 million) in funding this year.

González Torres was PVEM president for the first 15 years of the party’s existence until he handed over the reins to his son in 2001 for a stint at the party’s helm that lasted for 10 years.

The Green Boy left the PVEM presidency in 2011, the same year that Chankova Chaneva fell from a 19th-floor apartment in the luxurious Emerald Residential Tower during an allegedly wild party.

Despite documents showing that he was the owner, González asserted that someone else owned the 19th-floor apartment and that contrary to some reports he wasn’t present when the death occurred.

The woman’s death was ultimately ruled as a suicide and no charges were laid despite accusations that she was the victim of foul play and suspicions that she may have been murdered.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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