Home Depot will open two or three new stores in Mexico this year. Home Depot will open two or three new stores in Mexico this year.

The Home Depot will continue to invest

Despite challenging year, it will invest 1.7 billion pesos this year

The big-box home improvement store The Home Depot will invest 1.7 billion pesos (US $91 million) in its operations in Mexico this year, the same amount it invested in 2017.


The investment will include the opening of two or three new stores to add to the 122 it already has, maintenance of existing stores and strengthening the firm’s online presence.

General manager Sergio Gutiérrez Osuna said despite the fact that 2017 was a challenging year The Home Depot will continue to maintain its investment rhythm.

The online focus will require a strong investment in the supply chain and information technology, Gutiérrez said. For the consumer, improvements will mean purchases can be made from smart phones as well as desktop computers, with a quick response time.

Online sales are not a large source of revenue for the store, he said, but they are expected to continue to grow. And the entire product line found in the company’s physical stores will also be available for online purchase.

The Home Depot has a presence in all 32 states, and employs 15,600 people in Mexico.

Source: Forbes (sp)

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  • kallen

    It would be nice if you could buy something at one Home Depot (say in Cabo) and return it at another (say in La Paz). Currently you can’t do this as you can in the US. Additionally, the items Home Depot in Mexico carries are totally different from those in the US. We still end up bringing a boat-load of stuff across the boarder every year because we can’t get it in Mexico. Lastly, many of the items are cheaply made – even Mexicans prefer models sourced from the US. Home Depot US vs Home Depot Mexico? They’re practically different stores.

    • Gary Blake

      You are pretty much spot on. In the USA Home depot is frequently cheaper than wholesale supply houses. On a trip to Mexico recently I visited a “Mexican Home Depot” as I had many times in the past, and was once more suffering sticker shock, in the USA they practically give it away, the Mexican Home Depot, NO! You can go to a mom and pop selling out of their home and buy cheaper, HOW? does that work?
      A big issue IS THEFT! And you pay for it, PRIOR to Home Depot in Mexico no store allowed you to walk in and pick up the product, and for good reason, sticky fingers.
      When I lived in Mexico for years, Home depot was out of many things for a year. One that comes to mind, was a “SIMPLE” 1/2 gate valve, they had been out for 1 year. FED UP, I got to the bottom of it.
      The “System” said they have 52 on the shelf, can’t order when the “SYSTEM” shows there are 52 in stock, the issue was, ALL 52 WERE STOLEN! Now the store manger is in trouble for it.
      Inventory Control/Theft issues at his store, so in TRUE Mexican fashion instead of addressing it, you ignore it.
      So in other words to get them back in stock, he gets an ass chewing, PLUS 15 hours of paperwork, as to HOW & WHY? 52 valves simply walked out his door.
      Bought a electrical tool there at 5 times the USA price, and 1/75th the quality, it burned up in 5 minutes of use, took it right back, they WOULD NOT return it, plugged it in and said “it does not work” HELLO! said “it had to be working to return it”
      Mexican friend liked my USA marketed Cordless drill so much, he bought the “EXACT” same one in Mexico at Home Depot, looked the same anyway, but on close examine it was a “different” MEXICAN model number, it stripped out in one month of use, we disassembled his and mine, my USA marketed model had finely machined solid aluminum gears, his MEXICAN MODEL, had VERY poor plastic gears, explained it all, as well it was 3 times the USA cost!
      EVERYTHING sold in Mexico is bottom of the line garbage in this respect, as well there is NO UL listings on anything, (Underwriters Laboratories)
      Any plastic products sold at Home depot Mexico, you can forget it! Plastic indoor/outdoor garbage pails, clothes hampers flower pots, ALL Hideously expensive!
      an example a plastic flower pot sold for 2.88 USA Home depot is the same one, equiv of $20. USD in “Cheap Mexico” when ask WHY? am told by the Mexico boosters “It’s imported dummy, HAT’s WHY” well guess what? EVERYTHING in the USA is imported, and sold at the cheapest prices in the world too!
      They are TOTALLY different stores, and the name is incorrect, in Mexico it should be “Casa Depot” LOL!