Karime Macías and Javier Duarte. Karime Macías and Javier Duarte.

The revealing notes of Javier Duarte’s wife

'I deserve abundance' among notations in books found in Veracruz warehouse

“Yes, I deserve abundance.” The phrase was repeated 45 times in a notebook believed to have belonged to the wife of the ex-governor of Veracruz, one of many finds this week in a warehouse in the city of Córdoba.

The warehouse is believed to belong to former governor Javier Duarte, wanted on corruption charges and a fugitive from justice since last October. Inside, the state’s Attorney General’s office (PGE) found at least 10 boxes full of documents and other materials, along with dinnerware sets, paintings and several personal belongings.

Prominent among those documents were about 20 notebooks, diaries and appointment books that presumably belonged to Duarte’s wife, Karime Macías, who has also disappeared.

Governor Miguel Ángel Yunes Linares, who succeeded Duarte in December, told a press conference yesterday that the discovery was “very relevant” to the investigation into wrongdoing by his predecessor.

“We’ve found in this place an accumulation of documents that presumably link Mrs. Karime Macías de Duarte directly with planning, preparing and executing actions for the diversion of funds for her personal benefit and that of accomplices.”

In diaries being analyzed by PGE specialists Macías hand wrote detailed information about bank accounts, real estate properties in Mexico and abroad and an extensive list of relatives, government officials, associates and other collaborators with whom she and her husband had illicit dealings.

The handwritten notes even include “addresses and phone numbers of individuals linked with the Duarte-Macías family, along with those people’s homes and apartments located in several places in the world, including a map hand-drawn by Mrs. Karime Macías de Duarte herself,” said Yunes.

The revealing notes —Macías set for herself the goal to “squeeze” the state family services agency, or DIF, that was under her charge — include a page covered with a single phrase repeated 45 times: “Yes, I deserve abundance.”

The former first lady of Veracruz was known to be a follower of the mystical school of thought called Kabbalah and the repeated phrase is thought to be connected with it.

Once state authorities conclude their analysis of the diaries and documents they will be turned over to the federal Attorney General’s office. “. . . we think they’ll be useful in the search and arrest process against Javier Duarte and his accomplices,” said the governor.

Among the objects found in the warehouse, which included portrait paintings and photographs of the couple, were wheelchairs, walking aids, stores of food, school supplies and other goods believed to be the property of the state.

Source: El Universal (sp), e-consulta (sp)

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